Princeton Buckles to PC Agenda, Offers Students 6 Different Genders

When you are filling out a form, there is general one question that does not take any thought: “Male or female?”

You choose the gender that aligns with the genitals between your legs and continue on with your day.

Well now Princeton has buckled under the pressure of left wingers and their desperate need for political correctness, and now offer multiple gender options. You would think that someone smart enough to get into Princeton wouldn’t need help deciphering whether they had a penis or vagina.

The Ivy League school’s new options for gender include:  “Cisgender,” “Genderqueer/gender non-conform[ing],” “Trans/transgender,” “Man,” “Woman,” and “Other”.

This is done through a student service interface called “TigerHub.”

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A University spokesman said, “Students use TigerHub to provide the University with personal information on a confidential basis. This information includes emergency contacts, their preferred name, and, if they wish to provide it in response to an optional question, the gender with which they identify.”

Fox News reports:

Princeton students can chose to be both male and female.

“You may select multiple gender identities,” the form reads. “Your gender identity is confidential and is not generally available.”

Princeton is not alone. More than 50 colleges or universities allow students to choose their genders without documentation of medical intervention, the Washington Post said.

Besides being male and female simultaneously, some schools offer students the option of creating their own designated pronouns. One such school is the University of Michigan.

In response to that option — and as a protest against it — one undergraduate chose “His Majesty.” Reportedly, some of His Majesty’s professors now address this student according to the royalty he identifies as.

Academics and activists are divided over the legitimacy of the relatively recent distinction between sex and gender.

Chris Gacek with the Family Research Council said, “The idea that sex and gender are distinguishable is just not true. It’s a lie.” He continued, “The purpose of the distinction ultimately is eliminating the difference between the sexes.”

But Susan Maasch, director of the Trans Youth Equality Foundation, praised the elite school for implicitly endorsing the distinction between sex and gender.

“The Ivy League schools have all taken a big role in helping trans students,” she told Fox News. “It starts there and trickles down to other students.”

It is embarrassing that we have fallen so far in society. Since when do we bend to please the 0.1% of the population? It is becoming nothing but a trend.

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