President Obama’s No-Good, Terrible Handling of the War on Terrorism

Are things with ISIS proceeding as poorly as they seem to be? Sure, ISIS didn’t exist just a few short years ago. Sure, when President Bush left office both Iraq and Syria were stable regimes, and in Iraq the US Military combined with the Iraqi military to trample out the last vestiges of terrorism. Sure, al Qaeda was on the run and Islamic extremism seemed to be losing their fight against the West.

But an Obama Presidency can really change everything, can’t it?

Now the Taliban are negotiating a comeback in Afghanistan, al Qaeda is stronger than it’s been in years and they’re now forced to compete with the new big boy on the block… ISIS. ISIS started in the ruins of the Syrian civil war and quickly expanded into Iraq, where our decision to leave left the nation weak and vulnerable. Now ISIS has spread out of Syria and Iraq into Yemen, Libya, Nigeria, Malaysia and many other nations.

Not only is ISIS spreading, but they are “inspiring” many other extremist elements to do what they have done in Syria in other places. Whether it’s Boko Haram proclaiming a caliphate in Nigeria, or terrorist groups in Malaysia attempting to join ISIS and begin a caliphate in their own nation, Islamic extremism seems more popular today than ever before.

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So, yes. Things really have deteriorated in recent years.

obamawarWhich is why the latest CNN poll of the American people does not surprise me one bit. 58% of Americans believe that the war against ISIS is going poorly and some 57% disapprove of how Obama is handling the ISIS threat in general. The President’s approval ratings on terrorism and national security also continue their own precipitous declines with 60% of America now saying Obama is mishandling our national security!

The numbers have grown so disappointing that even almost half of Democrats are unimpressed with Obama’s handling of ISIS!

Ed Schultz of MSNBC probably best sums up this Democrat uprising against the President when he wondered on Monday night’s episode of the Ed Show why we would announce that ground troops wouldn’t be involved in the fight against ISIS…



 It was a weekend of terror around the globe. In Libya, ISIS released a video showing more bloodshed. The video released on Sunday claims to show the beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians. The brutal act of violence is clearly a gross display of what ISIS is capable of, what they’re motivated about, and what they are really all about. And I think this act of mass murder amounts to a religious war. Now we all have our own interpretations at this point. This continues to go on. At this point these people were targeted, as I see it, and murdered because of their faith . . . As I see it, the United States is going to have to have continual reviewal [sic] of its strategy. We can’t sit back here and watch hordes of people get their heads cut off. And why would we tell ISIS there’s no way we would ever put ground troops in combat situations? I think it has reached a point where we really have to have a very strong debate in this country. As I see it, it’s a religious war. What is going to turn back ISIS? 

ISIS armyCongressman [John Garamendi] I would personally come to the conclusion as someone who is following the news and seeing what’s unfolding here, is that what we’re doing isn’t strong enough, isn’t working. Now whether that means we need to put ground troops and get them involved, I don’t know. I’m not a military expert, but when they are growing geographically and they are growing in influence and they are socially connected as they are — I mean, this was almost like a movie production what they released. They are in lawless parts of the Middle East. How do you trot out 21 people with nobody else around and do something like that? It takes organization. It takes protection, and I think it has reached a level right now that we’re the United States, we might have to have a conversation that special ops and some ground forces might be part of the equation, but basically we have told ISIS well that’s not going to happen. We have told other countries who are getting hit by this group that we’re not going to put ground troops in. 


How crazy and mixed up must our world be if I am forced to agree with Ed Schultz on anything!

Listen, as Schultz admits, I too am no military expert – but it seems obvious that while our military strikes may be hurting ISIS, it isn’t stopping them from growing and spreading throughout the region. Also, like most Americans, I don’t WANT our soldiers involved in fighting anywhere… unless there is no other recourse. But is it wise to say again and again that we won’t be sending soldiers to fight – when at some point ISIS may force our hand and soldiers may be necessary?

Team Obama needs to wake up. They are losing the media fight in the war on terror, and at some point it will mean losing the confidence and morale of the American people — and that could debilitate our efforts against Islamic extremism. The White House needs to get things turned around now. The American people need victories, tangible wins that they can see and celebrate… and we need them now.

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