Are President Obama’s Decisions Causing Unnecessary Death?

The Non-Protection President: Obama’s Choice to Cause the Deaths of Innocents

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”  —Oath of Office of the President of the United States, Article 2, Section 1, Clause 8, of the Constitution

The Intentional President

We have a president in the White House who refuses to protect America.  It would appear that, in pursuit of his own selfish political goals, the president is more than happy to sacrifice innocent American lives in the process.

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The Open Border

President Barack Hussein Obama has intentionally pulled the border patrol back an average of 70 miles from the border, in order to allow anyone who wants into the country to cross our border unhindered.  Does the president understand that this means allowing terrorists free access to the United States?  How could President Obama, the first African-American editor of the Harvard Law Review, fail to understand this?  It is nearly impossible that such a thing could be true.

Illegal ObamaSo, given the fact that Obama understands the risks to America of an open border, his choice not to protect the border must mean that he is intentionally disregarding the need of Americans to be secure in their persons and on their properties.  It means that he intends the harms that may arise.  He is not doing this without knowing what the consequences are.

Obama is creating, on purpose, the circumstances which have led, and will continue to lead, to murder, mayhem, and violence of unprecedented proportions in the vicinity of our nation’s border.  Already, we know that Obama’s open border has caused an untold number of deaths, due to human trafficking, child sex-slavery, drug-cartel kidnappings, MS-13 gang-violence, highwayman-style robberies, et cetera.  Of course, Obama has banned picture-taking in the area of the border, and liberal-leaning media have managed a news-reporting blackout there on the president’s behalf.


So what has Obama done about Ebola?  He has not done much, although a looming crisis has been on the horizon since at least August of 2013.  In fact, the Administration originally was releasing statements saying that stopping planes from Ebola-ridden areas would be “counterproductive,” because nobody would want to go there to help, if we did that.  Okay, so how about sending helpers who are told in advance that they will be detained for 21 days upon return, but that they will also be given top-notch treatment if found to be infected?  Of course, the president should have fast-tracked the new ZMapp clinical trials before sending anyone, in the first place, in order to ensure production—and thereby enough emergency supply—of this serum that has cured two Americans already.

What Obama has done already, without adequate preparation for their safe return—is to dispatch 3,000 of our military forces to Ebola-infested areas in order to help out.  They will do whatever jobs are needed in order to improve conditions.  But a question in the minds of many is this: Upon their return, how careful will this administration be in testing all the soldiers for Ebola, and how prepared is the administration to treat those who need treatment?

ZMapp, a sought after miracle drug that cured two Ebola-infected aid workers who were at death’s door, has not been approved by the FDA.  You would think that President Obama—who has said Ebola could kill “hundreds of thousands,” who has said fighting Ebola is a “priority” for America, and who has declared Ebola to be a “global priority”—would have fast-tracked clinical trials for ZMapp.  But he has not.  Perhaps if he had cared to do so, there would be a ready supply of the drug—probably in small amounts, but enough of it—to be used for any further emergency treatments.

Ebola Threats by the Islamic State

ISIS EbolaThe Islamic State has threatened to send Ebola into the US across its open border.  And there also seems to be concern that Mujahedin will simply carry Ebola to Central America, in hopes of sending a sick population careening towards America on the back of La Bestia, the train that carries so many through Mexico to our open border, probably already including terrorists among its illicit group of passengers.

US-Africa Leaders Summit

President Obama has told reporters at a US-Africa Leaders Summit that he is not ready to share experimental Ebola treatments with West Africa.  But this begs the question: Why not?  President Obama could only manage these words: “I think we gotta let the science guide us, and you know I don’t think all the information is in on whether this drug is helpful.”  How about, instead, letting morality guide us, Mr. President?  When it comes to deciding whether to use an experimental cure, morality dictates our being guided by the choice of the dying person—not “science”!

A Preventable Death in Dallas

ZMapp takes such a long while to produce because of the time it takes to grow its ingredients, coupled with the fact that Obama has refused to fast-track the drug for so long.  Had the drug been put on the fast-track some time ago, there would not be such a severe shortage of it now, a shortage that has caused the death of a man in Dallas, Texas, who otherwise likely would have lived.

Wake Up, America!

This president seems to be intentionally failing in his role as the elected protector of us all.  Is it really safe not to impeach him and remove him from office?  This is a question, the answer to which could literally mean life or death for you or for someone you know and love.  President Obama’s failure to protect us has already caused the deaths of many.  Please do not wait to be concerned, until it is too late.  Contact your representatives and senators, and let them know how you feel.

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