President Obama Says it Wasn’t His “Decision” to Pull Troops from Iraq


President Obama now wants the American people to think that he didn’t actually want to pull out of Iraq!

In an important expose for the New Yorker, the failures of the Obama administration to show any foresight or leadership played a major role in the destruction of a stable Iraq.

But Joel Gehrke from the National Review Online made an even more shocking discovery when he pulled this quote.

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President Obama refused to take responsibility for the lack of U.S. troops in Iraq, saying that American soldiers had to pull out due to political pressure from Iraqi leaders.

“This issue keeps on coming up as if this was my decision,” Obama retorted when asked if he had any second thoughts, in light of the terrorist force taking over regions of Iraq, about having pulled all American troops out of the country.

“The reason that we did not have a follow-on force in Iraq was because a majority of Iraqis did not want U.S. troops there and politically they could not pass the kind of laws that would be required to protect our troops in Iraq,” he said.


President Obama must have forgotten his campaign promise to pull our troops out of Iraq ASAP if elected.


So, how can the President say that he wasn’t the reason our troops left Iraq?

Yet another Obama lie…

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