President Obama Recites Famous Presidential Speech from the Movie “Independence Day”!

Way back when, in 1996, the summer’s big blockbuster movie was a little film called “Indpendence Day.” At the time the movie was a huge commercial success, it cemented Will Smith’s status as a Hollywood star, and it embedded itself into our national conscience as the movie to watch on July 4th. One of the best moments in the film comes just minutes before the climax and sees the President (Bill Pullman) giving a speech to a ragtag group of humans who are preparing to engage in what may well be humanity’s last stand. Pullman climbs onto the back of a military vehicle and delivers the seminal “Independence Day” speech. It’s as moving as it is patriotic.

Here’s the speech –


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Well, the very funny computer geeks at YesFunnyYes cut together a compilation of President Obama’s speeches and recreated that iconic speech. As you might imagine, it’s not as good as Bill Pullman’s, but it is very funny.


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