Is President Obama Our Islamist-in-Chief?

“When there is no enemy within, the enemy without cannot hurt you.”  — Old Kenyan Proverb

A Disturbing Pattern

A disturbing set of developments has come about recently, all of them brought about by President Barack Hussein Obama.  Like puzzle pieces, they begin to fall into place.  And the picture that is beginning to emerge is not a pretty one.

70,000 American-Trained Taliban

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Paul Sperry, of the New York Post, has reported that the recent assassination of an American general by Taliban terrorists has exposed what the calls the “lunacy of the administration’s Afghanistan strategy.”

Under orders from President Barack Hussein Obama, the military is now training Taliban terrorists, recruiting 7,000 a month—often eschewing background checks—to fill the ranks of what is now a 350,000-member security force.  Many of those hired have been imprisoned terrorists, released as part of a government-sponsored amnesty-and-reintegration program that is paying ex-Taliban warriors to join the government.

These American-trained Jihadis will surely end up being the ones who rise quickly to command level, once the American troops have departed Afghanistan.  And, in the meantime, they pose an ongoing security threat to American military personnel at the highest levels.  And is it just possible that some of these Jihadis might pose a threat to the integrity of the American homeland, even now?

IslamToleranceEmpowering the Islamic State

Obama ordered the release of Caliph Ibrahim, the head of the new Islamic State, from Camp Bucca in Afghanistan, in 2009.  Back then he was called Abu Bakr Baghdadi, and, upon his release, is known to have uttered the following words to his former prison guards: “I will see you guys in New York.”

Obama, although he has been pressured to take military action to protect the Yazidis of Iraq from genocide, has strictly limited operations.  Only bombings to protect the Yazidis have been allowed.  President Obama refuses to take military action to remove the threat of the Islamic State altogether.  America will surely end up paying for Obama’s lack of action.

Has Obama Already Sponsored a Terror Event?

President Obama is allowing the Islamic State to grow and prosper.  They become more powerful daily, attracting many US and European Muslim passport holders to come and participate.  Will American Jihadis be allowed to return to America, after having trained with the Islamic State, with as much ease as the Boston bombers?

Americans need to recall that the Russians actually warned the Obama people about Dzhokar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, but they were cleared by the Obama FBI for entry into the country anyway.  And it was the Obama administration that insisted on mirandizing and protecting Dzhokar by reading him his rights and shutting him up to protect him, before it was legally necessary or called for.

A good question with regard to Obama Administration policy might be this: By having such permissive policies in place that allow radical Muslims ingress to the country, is Obama actually, directly or indirectly, working to sponsor Islamist attacks against Americans?

obama islamNew Immigration Policy for Muslims

In the past, Muslim immigrants were limited in number to 50,000 a year.  Part of the reason for this was the need to do thorough background checks on them to be sure that those coming here had no connections to terror groups or networks supporting terror through their activities.

Obama has opened the door to 100,000 immigrants a year of Muslim background.  And background checks have been made easier to pass!

Bowe Bergdahl and the Taliban Dream Team

President Obama has managed to cut a deal for the release of an American soldier that seems only to help extremist Muslims.  The released soldier is Bowe Bergdahl, to all indications a Jihadi Muslim himself—a deserter who abandoned his fellow soldiers in search of the Taliban, so that he might, allegedly, help them in their efforts to kill Americans.

The terrorists traded for Bergdahl’s release were, according to those who know about Gitmo, the five most dangerous Jihadis in custody of the US military.  They comprise a Taliban Dream Team, and they will most assuredly return to the fight against America.

The Bergdahl deal worked to help Jihadis all around, it would appear.  One was American, the others Afghani.

Open Borders

President Obama has ordered American border patrol agents to remove themselves by a distance of 70 miles from the US border.  The president has also ordered them to stand down, if fired upon by invaders.  Shooting back will be punished by termination from the border patrol.  This immoral policy has already resulted in the death of one border patrol agent who was buried during the last week.

Is it possible that our President Obama has opened our border only ostensibly for Central American children?  Could the real purpose be that he means for the open border to invite Muslim extremists to come here?  And are some here already?  There have been reports by the border patrol that Muslim prayer rugs have been found close to the border with Mexico.

President Obama is just too helpful to Islamists and terror groups on a regular basis.  I wonder if he has plans to meet with any of them—maybe in New York.

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