President Obama on ESPN “I Spend most of My Time Watching ESPN in the Morning”

This is probably not the best way for the President to convince Americans that he is a serious political thinker. It’s also probably not the best way for him to convince the world that he is a serious Anything.

President Obama recently appeared on ESPN radio’s the Herd with Colin Cowherd trying to promote Obamacare when he let slip with what may be the most honest thing he’s said in over 6 years…

I spend most of my time watching ESPN in the morning, I get so much politics, I don’t want to be inundated with a bunch of chatter about politics during the day.


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“I get so much politics I don’t want to be inundated with a bunch of chatter about politics during the day… Sportscenter when I work out in the morning gives me a pretty good sense about what’s going on. I can’t sit down and watch an entire game except maybe the Super Bowl, or the NBA Finals, or the World Series.”

Well, I guess that’s important. At least we know the President keeps up on something. Maybe if he spent more time talking to his Cabinet or their department heads instead of watching ESPN, he wouldn’t have to get so much of his breaking news by watching TV.

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