President Obama Crashes and Burns at West Point

End of the year graduation ceremonies are a time of celebration and new beginnings. A time for happiness and hope. Generally, when given the job of giving a commencement speech, the speaker will do their best to build up these themes and inspire the crowd as they move on into the future.

Apparently President Obama never got the memo that commencement speeches were supposed to be inspiring.

President Obama was the commencement speaker at West Point’s graduation this past week, and while the administration hoped for a big win with the speech, they’ve received the exact opposite. His speech was vapid, dreary and even disdainful to the particular crowd he was speaking to. Even the President’s traditional allies at liberal media outlets could not muster up any support for his hollow rhetoric and terrible excuse making.

Here’s an example of the analysis from CNN.

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“Icy Reception” is a nice way of saying that, after the speech, everyone seemed to agree that the President was a HUGE jerk.

It continues to amaze me how self-absorbed and oblivious the Obama administration is. Who in their right mind thought that a foreign policy speech that practically demonized our military would be a good idea at a MILITARY graduation? They should be fired. Immediately.

But, as we are all learning, President Obama doesn’t fire anyone. No matter how incompetent.

obamaIt wasn’t just CNN that noticed how bad the President’s speech was. Check out what the New York Times (who usually loves the President) had to say.

President Obama and his aides heralded his commencement speech at the United States Military Academy at West Point on Wednesday as a big moment, when he would lay out his foreign policy vision for the remainder of his term and refute his critics. The address did not match the hype, was largely uninspiring, lacked strategic sweep and is unlikely to quiet his detractors, on the right or the left.

But he provided little new insight into how he plans to lead in the next two years, and many still doubt that he fully appreciates the leverage the United States has even in a changing world. Falling back on hackneyed phrases like America is the “indispensable nation” told us little.

Mr. Obama’s talk of the need for more transparency about drone strikes and intelligence gathering, including abusive surveillance practices, was ludicrous. His administration had to be dragged into even minimal disclosures on both topics. Just Tuesday, the administration said it wanted to make further deletions from a legal memo on drone strikes that a court ordered it to make public.

The Washington Post also had relatively few nice things to say about the President’s speech.

obama gaffePRESIDENT OBAMA has retrenched U.S. global engagement in a way that has shaken the confidence of many U.S. allies and encouraged some adversaries. That conclusion can be heard not just from Republican hawks but also from senior officials from Singapore to France and, more quietly, from some leading congressional Democrats. As he has so often in his political career, Mr. Obama has elected to respond to the critical consensus not by adjusting policy but rather by delivering a big speech.

Ouch. And the analysis only gets worse from there.

Could it be that some folks are actually getting tired of hearing the President give these “big” speeches full of vague rhetoric and empty promises? I mean, those of us on the right got tired of it pretty soon after his first inauguration… but the rest of America seems to have held on quite a while longer. Who could have expected that they’d wait 6 years before they started to notice that most everything that comes out of the President’s mouth is double-talk and vacuous pandering?

Seriously, folks.

It shouldn’t take years for people of average intelligence to notice the trend. Since most of President Obama’s liberal zombies are pseudo-intellectuals – they should have figured it out even faster! Maybe they did. Liberals probably have no problem with the President’s “nothing” speeches, because they know as long as he’s in charge their liberal policies will keep getting pushed forward; they’re likely willing to listen to all the “noise” coming out of his mouth – so long as the White House keeps pushing the same failed policies.

So it’s not the fault of the people on the right or the left… we both seem to understand what is happening here.

The fault lies with the good folks in the “mushy middle” who should know better, but apparently don’t. Because of these mindless, a-political people who say things like “politics just isn’t my thing,” we’re stuck with an empty suit as President. If the middle portion of this country could have just bothered to pay a little attention to the horrific event that was President Obama’s first term… maybe we could have avoided a repeat of the nightmare.

Honestly, it doesn’t make me feel all that positive about future national elections. I doubt the folks in the middle have gotten any smarter over the last couple of years.

Who knows though, maybe they’ll catch on when the President gives his next big speech.

Before we go, I have to give a hat tip to IJ Review who found video of President Obama’s recent commencement speech and one of President Bush from back in 2008.

The difference is so severe it’s almost comical. Just watch.

Wow. It speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

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