President Obama: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, Plain and Simple

“The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam!”  —President Barack Hussein Obama

“Beware of false prophets who come disguised as harmless sheep but are really vicious wolves.”  —Matthew 7:15


Plain and Simple

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Okay.  Here it is.  Plain and simple.  President Obama is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  He said he was a Christian, but Jeremiah Wright, in an interview with Ed Klein on Fox News, said he was never really convinced that Obama converted in his heart to Christianity from Islam!  Barack Obama was raised attending the radical madrassas of Indonesia for his schooling, and he still lives according to the way he was taught to think and feel as an Islamically-indoctrinated student.  This is why Obama is so anti-American and so popular with Ward Churchill and his brand of anti-Americanism and its followers.


Actions Speak Louder than Words

It does not matter what Obama chooses to call himself.  He acts according to Sharia Law, calling Muslim potentates immediately upon their winning elections, but ignoring Jewish Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel, our closest ally in the Middle East, when he wins a monumental election in his Jewish State.  In fact, Obama has sabotaged the prime minister by sending his own campaign workers to Israel to help defeat Bibi at the polls.  Obama is pro-Islamist and anti-Jewish.  Obama has also sabotaged Israeli efforts repeatedly, since taking office, to take out the Iranian nuclear program, going so far, last November, as to threaten to shoot down Israeli war planes, if they proceeded with their bombing mission against Iran’s nukes, in contravention to his claim before AIPAC during the 2012 election cycle, that he had “Israel’s back.”


Aiding Muslim Radicalism

obama sheepObama helps ISIS to continue to exist by limiting US strikes and running an ill-advised military campaign that cannot achieve victory.  The whole exercise seems little more than a means by which Obama can waste costly ordnance for minimal returns; for example, the president has been known to order that single vehicles be bombed using ordnance that was powerful enough to take out much larger targets.  The president, while running out ordnance against ISIS, has simultaneously cancelled the Tomahawk and Hellfire cruise missile programs—arguably the most successful weapons systems in the US arsenal.  He has practically given Iraq to the Iran, in exchange for Iranian help to fight ISIS.  He is also going to sign a deal giving Iran the right to have as many nuclear bombs as the Islamic Republic can build, which will be a bad deal not only for America—since America is their number one target, as they publicly state daily in their newspapers and on television—but a bad deal for the entire non-Muslim world, as well.


Obama the Enforcer of Sharia in America

Everything that harms the Great Satan (America) Obama does, because he follows Sharia Law.  What has he done to help Christians or Jews?  Has he saved anyone from genocide in the Mid-East?  Or has he allowed the Christians, Yazidis, and Kurds to be killed off more and more, without proper help from America to oppose ISIS, Boko Haram, and their kind?  Now Obama is said to be reconsidering the American alliance with Israel.  Obama will not listen to AIPAC, like Republican leaders do.  He lies to AIPAC, because he hates AIPAC.  Obama hates Jews and Christians and threatens to fire military chaplains for speaking of their religious beliefs, unless they be Muslim chaplains!  Obama disciplines Christian and Jewish soldiers who, while on base, dare to even say, “God bless you!”  But Obama does not punish Muslims for invoking Allah or stating their religious views; in fact, Obama forces the US military to celebrate and observe the month of Ramadan.  Yet the American mainstream media are silent with regard to all this.


Obama’s Anti-Constitutionalism and Sharia

Barack Obama never chooses freedom as a solution to a problem.  All solutions are statist and according to political Islam.  Obama is a dictator who writes new laws by his pen and his phone, like a Caliph or an Ayatollah, either issuing the laws himself by executive order or executive memo or instructing a department head to issue directives or rules in line with his Sharia-based instructions; all of this makes it difficult to track the exact number of Obama’s dictates, edicts, and mandates.  The president ignores the judiciary when it rules against him, as well, the latest example being his violation of Judge Hanen’s federal judicial order to the government to cease and desist in its illegal and unconstitutional program of giving amnesty to illegal aliens.

But, regardless of what any non-Muslim jurist has to say, Obama follows Sharia, not the US Constitution.  The reason he violates his Oath of Office repeatedly is because, according to Sharia (the law of political Islam), Sharia Law is higher than the law of kafirs (non-Muslims), so an oath taken under such a law does not impinge upon a Muslim.  Islam means “submission to Allah” and does not respect any kafir ideology of freedom (such as the US Constitution) that might allow people to be led away from forced submission to Allah.  Muslims are also allowed to commit taqiyya—“sacred lying”—in the furtherance of Islam.  So Obama’s claim to be a Christian is a similar act of taqiyya.  As long as violations of oaths and acts of lying help to bring down America—the Great Satan Obama was taught to hate in the Muslim madrassas as a boy—then such acts are justified under the Sharia.

Obama ominousAll Americans must submit, more and more, as Obama’s tenure in office continues, to rules congruent to the rules of Sharia Law, which is how Obama is running his presidency.  And this is why we have seen school after school, across the country, begin to teach Islam to students under the protection of Obama’s Common Core, in contradiction to the First Amendment.  It is why we see an anti-police administration in Washington that promotes rioting against the kafir police forces of our country and promotes an atmosphere in which kafir police are being assassinated in New York and were almost assassinated in Ferguson, Missouri, just last week.  Obama’s Justice Department has taken the federal death penalty off the table in the cases of cop-killers during his tenure as president.  The targeting of kafir police and military, either directly or through disarmament, is all according to the rules of Culture Jihad and Sharia Law.  This would, thus, justify the disarming of America currently taking place with regard to its conventional and nuclear weapons, making America increasingly vulnerable to a future nuclear attack by Iran, North Korea, Russia, or even China.

Operation Choke Point orders banks to disallow credit card transactions to go through for business transactions at the following places of commerce: gun shops, liquor stores, pornography shops, and gambling businesses.  All of these businesses are banned by Sharia, except for the selling of guns; however, kafirs are not allowed to keep and bear arms, or even to strike a Muslim in self-defense, upon pain of death, so American gun shops are against the Sharia until such time as only Muslims are allowed to obtain arms in America.

When AIG was bailed out of trouble, under the TARP act early in Obama’s first term, the signs of Obama’s Muslim ethic were already present.  Obama required, as the price for the government bailout, that AIG no longer invest in companies that charged interest.  This is a prohibition according to Sharia.  Under Sharia Law, borrowed money may be “leased” from the lender, but no interest may be charged.  Obama has increased the amount of Sharia Law, slowly but surely, in American banking regulations.


Ducks and Swans

A duck can call itself a swan, but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then people will know it is a duck—unless, of course, enough of them believe the likes of Brian Williams and his ilk, when they go on the news to report there is a new type of swan that looks and sounds just like a duck.  Obama walks and talks like a Muslim who believes in the most radical interpretation of the Koran.  Yet Barack Hussein Obama says he is a Christian, and ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN all agree that he is the best Christian ever!  Plain and simple.  Think again, America.  Think again.

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