President Marco Rubio Would Keep a Permanent Military Presence in the MidEast

President Marco Rubio Would Keep a Permanent Military Presence in the MidEast, at least that’s what Senator Rubio tells Fox’s Neil Cavuto he would do as President.


Neil Cavuto: “If you ever became president — if you ever had the interest, senator — would you advocate a permanent U.S. troop presence in the region? Permanent.”

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Marco Rubio: “Absolutely…”

This is likely the first time we’ve heard any politician advocate for a permanent presence in the Middle East, and a few years ago this likely would have meant the end of any Presidential aspirations… but today is a new day. Rubio suffered a setback after siding with the Gang of Eight (and particularly Senator John McCain) on the immigration reform debate, and has been trying to make amends ever since.

This sharp turn towards being the ultimate hawk may be an attempt to get ahead of the foreign policy curve or to distinguish himself from his toughest competition – specifically Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rand Paul (R-KY).

Senator Paul has long been the leader of libertarian Republicans on foreign policy. He has advocated a non-interventionist policy (though he’s recently moved toward a more aggressive interventionist policy), which has brought him support from anti-war Democrats and libertarians.

Senator Cruz has been more of a middle-of-the-road hawk. He argues for common sense intervention and the use of force when necessary, but only for as long as necessary. For example, he believes we stayed too long in Iraq and got too involved.

(Skip to about 7:50 to see the pertinent part of the conversation)


So now we have three young and impressive candidates all with different positions on conflict in the Middle East and our part in it. Who do you think is right?

Marco Rubio – a Hawk foreign policy in the vein of John McCain

Ted Cruz – a Middle road policy of… in Eagle Rising Polls on LockerDome

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