Pre-Election Polls Suddenly Finding Democrat Advantage Evaporating

For months the mainstream media has been ballyhooing the supposed “blue wave” advantage that Democrats have had on the”generic ballot,” but one reason you’ve heard less of that story lately is because the numbers favoring Democrats have evaporated.

If you pay any attention at all to the media’s reports on the coming general election, the midterms, you’ve no doubt her that the Democrats are going to enjoy a “blue wave” bringing them roaring back to power. The media has based this assumption on the higher poll numbers that the Democrat Party has enjoyed until recently.

This higher “generic ballot” polling has led the liberal media to declare 2018’s election a lock for big Democrat gains. But will that happen? Are media reports correct?

Well, according to Daily Caller, that “generic ballot” advantage has disappeared:

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In the last week alone, three major pollsters have found that the gap between the two parties is statistically negligible. YouGov found a Democratic advantage of just 2 points. Reuters found a margin of 3 points.

And IBB/TIPP, considered by many to be the single most reliable pollster in the country, reported that the race is a dead heat.

These findings, which contrast sharply with the large double-digit lead Democrats enjoyed last December, and again in early July, put the lie to their party’s claims of growing Trump and GOP weakness.

In fact, Trump’s own polling numbers are continuing to inch upward, with major gains reported among Hispanics, Blacks, gays, millennials and of course, Republicans. On the economy, the president enjoys widespread popular support that appears to be spilling over into support for many down ticket GOP candidates.

Indeed, during this just completed primaries, Trump endorsed five candidates and all five won. So, to clam Trump is dragging down candidates — as the liberal media keeps doing — does not exactly comport to reality.

DC continues:

Steady job growth, increased labor force participation and a phenomenal 4.1% GDP growth rate in the last quarter – coupled with the trickle down benefits of a sweeping tax reform bill that Democrats boycotted — have left Trump’s critics stumbling to find a compelling mid-term election message to dislodge GOP candidates.

The Democrats need to flip 24 GOP seats to regain control of the House. But a number of contests in southern California and even traditionally Blue Minnesota could be slipping from the Democrats’ grasp, the latest polls show.

Another interesting place to watch will be Minnesota. The Land of 10,000 Lakes has been a dead-lock Democrat vote for decades. But, but some reports Minnesota may have a few districts that will go Republican, if not this election, then in the next. This is a blow to the Democrats because not only do they need to pick up an awful lot of seats to take control of Congress, but they also need to hold ALL the seats they already have.

Just remember, Republican voters. You NEED to vote. Because voting for even a crappy Republican is better than seeing ANY Democrat elected.

Don’t accept the media’s assumption that the Democrats will win. You need to act. Remember, it is not a fear but a fact that if the Democrats win control of congress they will repeal our tax cuts, hurt of business and energy sectors, block further conservative judges, and plunge the nation into the morass of impeachment proceedings.

YOU can stop this by voting.

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