Potential Ark Site: Archeologist Team Discovers Large Petrified Wood Beams

A team of archeologists, scientists, and researchers- titled “Ark-Quest”- has recently discovered potential artifacts: what appear to be large (petrified) wooden beams/timbers in a remote location above the tree-line on Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey.

Ark-Quest is serious about their team-motto:  “A quest to expose and verify the truth about Noah’s Ark, and “if” its remains still exist, through the scientific process that’s consistent with Scripture”.

This group is now starting to release data, pictures, and other evidence to the public from their 2014 and 2015 expeditions to the site, and in some cases via peer-reviewed journals.  Ark-Quest is not making the claim that they have found the ark from the Biblical story of Noah.  That said, any large wooden man-made timbers 1500 -1600 feet above the tree-line in a remote area with limited access is something to investigate further.

Dr. Ronald Stewart Th.D., Ph.D, and Allen Searson, both share equal Ark-Quest administrative status as : “Co-Directors for the Ark-Quest Noah’s Ark Research & Expedition Teams”. Mr. Searson briefly appeared in the 2015 feature documentary “Finding Noah”,   and has trekked up Mount Ararat three times.  For more information on these two men, and some of the team-members in general, please see below.

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The location of this alleged relic is in the northeast part of the mountain, at approximately 4200-4300 meters  -or at the (14,500-14875) foot- elevation level.  In the Ahora Gorge, which is a large chasm. Findings and initial raw data imply the following may possibly be at this location:  large (petrified) wooden beams, remnants of possible rooms (or animal stalls), picture writing/wood carvings allegedly showing different types of animals, as well as other discoveries which will be announced again in the spring of 2018.  Intense analysis and cross-referencing of data, samples, and pictures are currently being undertaken.  Portions of the needed analysis are conducted with a specialized and high-resolution imaging technology.

The team at Ark-Quest aims to methodically analyze and then release small amounts of information on their recent expeditions and findings over several months (and possibly years).  At no time is the team stating that they have found the ark; they would prefer others to review and analyze their data and any alleged proofs.  For more detailed information on these recent findings, please visit:

Brief biographical information on Ark-Quest members:

Mr. Allen Searson:  was in the US Air Force, specialized in logistics. He has degrees from Culver-Stockton College in Media Communications and Photo/Imaging analysis.  He was at Mount Ararat in 2013, 2014, and 2015. And he appeared in the 2015 documentary “Finding Noah”.  He’s: “Co-Director of The Ark-Quest Research & Expedition Team”.

Dr. Ronald Stewart, Th.D., PhD:  Th.D.. In- “Ancient History/ Religious History (4000-B.C.-1000-C.E.).  Ph.D. in -“Theoretics In The Arts, Humanities, and Sciences”.  Inventor of IMMI imaging technology.  IMMI = Infinite Microscopic-Macroscopic Imaging.  IMMI has been used/verified by several governmental agencies, museums, and used in scientific research and published in peer-reviewed journals.

Dr. Joseph A. Resnick, Ph.D.:  Dr. Resnick is the holder of over 50 classified and non-classified patents, and helped to invent some integral parts of today’s widely known and used “TEM” (Transmission Electron Microscope).  He also worked in various capacities and projects for NASA for close to 40 years.

Dr. Ramy Samir Mina, PhD:  Polyglot Egyptologist Tourist Guide in 7 living languages, since March 1992. Ph.D. of Archaeology, with an Ancient Egyptian and Semitic language specialization.

Schalk Steyn –  “Lead Investigative Detective” for the: “SAPS” (South African Police Service) and SAPD (South African Police Department). Steyn holds several degrees in Criminal Justice and Research Methodologies.

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