Possible New Law: No Texting and Walking or Face Fine

Stamford, Connecticut could possibly have a new law to discourage “distracted walking.” In other words, it would be illegal to text and walk….which means it would be illegal to walk while you do other things like:

  1. Search for a local restaurant
  2. See when a nearby movie starts
  3. Play Pokemon Go, or any other games
  4. Snapchat
  5. Facetime
  6. Facebook Live
  7. Look up when a store closes
  8. Search for coupons
  9. See which ingredients you need to pick up for dinner
  10. Check out an article on Eagle Rising

The list is endless, but you get the point. Their reasoning for this is so that people stop falling over, tripping, running into things, or stepping into traffic without looking.

Since when are lawmakers in the business of making common sense laws?


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AOL reports:

Pedestrian fatalities spiked 11 percent last year to nearly 6,000 according to the National Governor’s Highway Safety Association.

CBS New York reports if the proposed law passes it could be similar to the one already in effect in Honolulu. Offenders will be fined $30.

Not all are in favor of the proposal. One person took to twitter saying: Legislating common sense should never be gov’t’s role.

Another twitter user wrote: If “distracted walking” is a crime, then bury me under the jail, fam.

One user, however, is happy people will be safe, tweeting: Well thank the Lord we have someone to tell us how to be safe.

Here are some of the reaction tweets:


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