Portland Burger Joint Employees Outrage Customer by Wearing ‘Abolish ICE’ Pro-Illegal Alien Buttons at Work

A fast food chain in Oregon, is under fire after a group of employees began wearing extremist, left-wing ‘Abolish ICE’ political buttons at work.

A fast food chain in Portland, Oregon, is under fire after a group of employees began wearing extremist, left-wing “Abolish ICE” political buttons at work making customers and some employees uncomfortable.

Naturally, this whole story revolves around a hate-filled, militant union and is yet more proof that unions are bad for America.

A burger joint called Burgerville had the misfortune of having two of its Portland, Oregon, outlets unionize. And, like all unions, they are using their place of work to push radical causes instead of doing their jobs.

The story comes from OregonLive.com:

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A budding dispute over political paraphernalia in the workplace has become a sticking point between the regional fast-food chain and members of an employee-led union seeking a boost in pay and other perks.

Ten Burgerville workers at the Northeast Glisan Street and 82nd Avenue location were sent home for the day late last month after they refused to remove buttons on their uniforms proclaiming “Abolish ICE” and “No One Is Illegal,” a decision the company said violated a newly minted policy.

Yet one day later, Burgerville decided to place the rule on hold. The employees received back pay and returned to work, where they’ve continued to promote causes that have left the company — and, it says, some customers — uneasy.

The friction comes as Burgerville attempts to negotiate a contract with workers at two of the chain’s 42 locations, who made history this spring when they voted to form a federally recognized union.

Suddenly, a type of restaurant flair famously satirized in the comedy “Office Space” is a chip on the bargaining table that also includes $5-an-hour raises, paid holidays and health care for all workers.

Now, here is a quote from one of these rabble-rousers:

“We see the workplace as a central realm for combating white supremacy and anti-immigrant sentiment,” said Emmet Schlenz, a spokesman for the Burgerville Workers Union, which launched in 2016 with help from members of the Industrial Workers of the World — better known as the Wobblies.

Uh, no. Your place of work is ONLY for doing the work you were hired to do. It is NOT the “central realm for combating white supremacy and anti-immigrant sentiment.”

This company should just close down these two outlets and fire all the employees.

I will guarantee that these two outlets are losing money like crazy, too. Not only are the employees paid too much, but you can bet fewer customers are showing up to eat there because they have no interest in dealing with all the political activism and drama.

It also wouldn’t surprise if the food is worse at these two locations than at the rest of the chain’s stores.

But the company is between a rock and a hard place with this mess. Every move they make is a tough choice.

Yeah, the best move would be just to shut the whole thing down and chalk it up to a loss.

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