Popular Podcast Host on Democrat Star: When She Says Take Back our Country “She Means Give More SH*T to People”

Comedian, TV star and host of the most popular podcast EVER, Adam Carolla, has been known to spout off against liberal politicians and liberal politics every now and again. The right leaning libertarian is no “social conservative” but he’s obviously fed up with the fascist and thieving policies of the liberal Democrat Party.

On the “Adam & Drew Show Podcast” from this past weekend host Adam Carolla went off on Senator Ellizabeth Warren for some comments she made on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

Warren told the liberal Maher that, “We’ve got to get out there and we’ve got to be willing to fight back, to take this country back.”

Carolla responded that, “Yeah, she means take it back and give more sh*t to people.”

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(Warning NSFW Language ahead…)


Carolla continued,

“She’s the one that’s always speaking to Democratic conventions and explaining to people how it just can’t work out, and then she gets up there and goes, ‘there was a time — I grew up when our government did X, Y, and Z and I grew up in a place that you could and now you can’t.’

elizabeth warrenIt’s like, what do you mean you can’t? Just go do — go clean the sh*t out of your back yard. What does that have to do with the federal government? I didn’t even know what she’s talking about.

The government’s leaving your family behind? You’re supposed to take care of your family. The thing is get the taxes under control and let the people take care of their kids…

There’s no such thing as a level playing field. It’s, I would say, mathematically impossible to create a level playing field and I’ll tell you why.

I went to the same school and had the same opportunity and education as the kids who didn’t. I had friends who went to Stanford, but they had parents and their parents cared and they forced them to do homework and we ran like wild homeless chickens with their heads cut off. And that’s what the difference was.

The problem with the government is they can create North Hollywood High and they can staff North Hollywood High, but they can’t follow me home and force my parents to get their shit together so I can do homework.

No one’s listening to me. So they have to call me a bigot or whatever. They didn’t used to. But if you can’t afford kids, you’re not ready for kids. We can focus on that. Let’s not have kids. Look, we live in a society that just worries about third-hand smoke and click it or ticket. We’re not focused on destitute people having no business having children not having children. That’s something that doesn’t come up on either platform.

Elizabeth Warren wants to figure out how to level the playing field, I’ll level it overnight. Don’t have kids you can’t afford. That will straighten things out really f***ing fast. That is not part of the things that she discusses, nor does she discuss the government’s role in that part,” Carolla concluded.

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