Popular Conservative Pundit Explains the Best Reason to Support Trump

Another conservative pundit, Ben Shapiro, recently made a similar observation when he spe about President Trump’s “superpowers.”

Conservative pundit Benny Arthur Johnson is not a big fan of President Trump’s style, but he’s honest enough to admit that the President sure has his perks.

The thing Johnson particularly likes about President Trump is the way that he shakes the Democrat Party to their core.

In a recent social media post, Johnson explained it perfectly.

From Benny Arthur Johnson:

I pay a bewildering, unhealthy amount of attention to Donald Trump. It’s part of the job. I am also particularly fascinated by the man & this moment in American history in which we are living.

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Can I share a specific insight I have about the president?

In my time covering him, I’ve seen one alarmingly special talent Trump holds: He utterly brute-forces his opponents (Democrats) to defend the indefensible – therefore exposing the darkest, closest held beliefs of the institutional Left.

Think about what we have learned about mainstream liberalism in the past few months:

• Socialism is good & we should try it
• Guns are bad and we should confiscate them
• It is permissible (and encouraged) to disrespect our National Anthem
• Hamas & Iran are the good guys
• The US military, cops & Israel are the bad guys
• Satanic, ultra-violent MS-13 gang members are just undocumented immigrants looking for a better life
• Redistribution of wealth should be fiscal policy
• Our healthcare system must be nationalized
• Violence is acceptable as long as it’s against the people I disagree with
• Free speech is violence
• Free thought is dangerous
• Funding entitlements for illegal immigrants is more important than funding veteran services
• Tax cuts & bonuses for needy families are ‘crumbs’
• There should be a maximum wage & a federally guaranteed income

The list goes on.

I don’t care if you agree with the above policies or not – the fact is the mainstream Left used to keep these beliefs a well-kept secret. In the pursuit of destroying Trump, the Left has exposed itself.

It’s really something to watch.

Another conservative pundit, Ben Shapiro, recently made a similar observation when he spoke about President Trump’s “superpowers.”

Listen in and see if you don’t agree:


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