Pope Wishes A Wave of Illegal Aliens to ‘Pile Up’ At U.S. Border

The most left-leaning Pope in history is now praying that millions of illegal aliens “pile up” at America’s souther border.

The most left-leaning Pope in history is now praying that millions of illegal aliens “pile up” at America’s southern border.

With the midterm elections only days away, the Communist-inspired Pope announced his support for the waves of illegals in so-called “migrant caravans” sweeping northward from Guatemala and Honduras with aims to violently crash over America’s border with Mexico.

The disastrous Pope Francis made his feelings clear during a talk at the XV General Chapter of the Congregation of the Missionaries of San Carlo.

Per Daily Wire:

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Much of the Holy Father’s speech focused on the virtue of welcoming the stranger and how nations need to foster this virtue or risk their own demise.

“It’s easier to welcome a stranger than to be welcomed, and you have to do both,” said Pope Francis. “You must teach, help welcome the stranger, and give all the possibilities to the nations that have everything or enough to use these four words that you have said. How to welcome a foreigner.”

Pope Francis then claimed that Argentina was a perfect example of what he meant because he feels the country is defined by “is a cocktail of migratory waves.”

Francis insisted that untrammeled immigration is a social good because migrants “build a country.”

“Migrants build a country; how they built Europe,” Pope Francis said. “Because Europe was not born this way, Europe has been made by many waves of migration over the centuries.”

Should a nation reject migrants out of its own “well-being,” Pope Francis said that would be “suicidal,” noting Europe’s demographic winter which is the result of a secularized continent that largely rejects Church teaching on sexuality.

He then pointed to the “migrant caravan” headed toward the U.S. and celebrated it as beautiful.

Another phenomenon of migrants – let’s think of the caravan that goes from Honduras to the United States – is to pile up . The migrant usually tries to go in groups. Sometimes it has to go alone, but it is normal to pile up, because we feel stronger in migration. And there is the community. In football there is the possibility of a ‘free agent,’ that can move according to the opportunities, but from you there is no possibility, the ‘free agent’ from you fail. Always the community. Always in the community, because your vocation is precisely for migrants who pile up. Feel migrants. Feel, yes, migrants facing needs, migrants before the Lord, migrants among you. And for this the need to pile up.

Interestingly, Francis didn’t seem to care at all that the countries these people are streaming out of are so bad that millions feel forced to leave just to find work.

Despite the airy nonsense from the Red Pope, President Donald Trump is sending thousands of U.S. troops to keep these “caravans” of invaders out of the U.S.A.

Many of the people in these large groups are gang members, criminals, people that have been deported out of the U.S. in the past for crimes, and people with a long list of communicable diseases.

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