Pollster Says Amnesty Would Hurt Democrats in November

I think most of us know that the average American feels some sympathy for those who move to our nation illegally. It’s not that we agree with what they’ve done and it’s not that we want to see them suffer for coming here. I think many of us can understand how life in America seems far more attractive to the lives people are leading in some of our Latin American neighbors.

However, there is a process to immigration for a reason. And every new wave of illegal immigration simply means that fewer legal immigrants can be given access to our land of promise. For a number of different reasons we cannot allow the flood of illegal immigration to persist. That doesn’t make conservatives mean, racist or xenophobic… it makes us realists, pragmatists even.

The Democrats (and the RINO GOP leadership) have been using immigration reform like a bludgeon against us. They pretend that conservative resistance to immigration reform is an issue that will turn the tide of American support against the GOP and towards the Democrat Party. If this is true, then it seems strange that the Democrats have thus far been unsuccessful at passing their destructive comprehensive immigration reform plans.

Now we know why. It seems that Democrats have been lying the whole time. Most Americans don’t support their efforts to grant amnesty to the millions of illegals currently living here… in fact, passing an amnesty bill now would probably hurt Democrats more than it would hurt their Republican opponents!

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“There’s been a lot of reporting that red-state Democrats did not want the president to delay deportations for millions of illegals,” the Fox New host said. “As the pollster in a bunch of those red states, would the idea of executive action be good or bad for those candidates?”

“Look, I don’t think it’s a positive, honestly,” Mellman replied. “Executive action, I think, would not be a positive for those candidates.”

“But the reality is, there’s a lot more at stake here,” he added, claiming that comprehensive immigration reform is a vital task and must be accomplished one way or another.

“But as a strict matter of politics,” Wallace pressed. “If you’re going to do it, you’d rather have it after the midterms rather than before?”

“I would,” Melmann admitted. “But I do politics, not policy.”

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