Poll Asks: Who do You Trust More, Trump or the Media?…Here’s Who Won

The media love to harp on President Trump for his low approval ratings. Here’s CNN on a recent poll of their own:

As the 100-day mark of Donald Trump’s presidency approaches, a new CNN/ORC poll finds the President reaches this milestone holding on to the lowest approval rating of any newly-elected president at this stage, amid sharp partisan divides and a failure to capitalize on post-election strengths. 

Overall, 44% say they approve of Trump’s handling of the presidency, 54% disapprove. That’s about the same as in each of the two previous CNN/ORC polls taken after his inauguration. That 44% marker puts Trump last among approval ratings for newly-elected presidents at the 100-day point since modern polling began, a trendline that runs back to Dwight Eisenhower. Trump is last by a significant margin, trailing Bill Clinton’s previous low by 11 points.

Gallup actually hasn’t been as nice as CNN. They have him at 40% approval and 55% disapproval.

The media focus on these, because they think it helps their confirm their narrative that everyone hates Trump, that there’s this massive uprising of resistance seeking to overthrow the Trump White House.

Speaking of approval ratings, have you seen the media’s?

Check this out from Morning Consult:

As political journalists prepare to gather at the annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner on Saturday to celebrate their work, a new Morning Consult poll is likely to make many of them cringe.

In the new poll, roughly half (51 percent) of Americans said the national political media “is out of touch with everyday Americans,” compared with 28 percent who said it “understand the issues everyday Americans are facing.”

President Donald Trump, a frequent public antagonist of the press and the first president in 36 years to skip the confab, is also slightly more trusted than the national political media. Thirty-seven percent of Americans said they trusted Trump’s White House to tell the truth, while 29 percent opted for the media.

morning consult poll graphic

I wonder why the same media that focuses on Trump’s low approval ratings – driven down mostly by the media’s ‘alternative facts’ – as evidence of a ‘grassroots’ uprising against Trump haven’t mentioned this poll?

If someone were to point to this poll that shows that people actually trust President Trump more than they trust the media, they’d likely point to their ratings as evidence that people love them.

That’s not what ratings mean. Ratings aren’t endorsements, approval ratings, or tokens of trust. A lot of the time, people love to be outraged. They love to watch that one host whom they hate. It’s entertainment to many people.

The media doesn’t care whether their viewers like them or not. As long as they have viewers – even if every single one of them despises them – that’s all that matters. They’re watching. That helps their ratings, because all that advertisers need are eyes.

Trump doesn’t have the benefit of cashing in when his ‘ratings’ are high. The media does though. They make a killing whether people love them or hate them, as long as they have people watching.

Here’s more about the media’s approval ratings:

Trump’s critiques of the media, which he commonly derides as “fake news” also seems to have struck a chord with Americans. A plurality (42 percent) said they see fake news in national newspapers or network news broadcasts more than once or about once a day. About 3 in 10 (31 percent) said they saw fake news from those sources once every few days, once a week or slightly less often than that.

Given that low level of trust with the media, Americans said they thought Trump was more likely to be honest with them than the people who are covering him on a daily basis. Roughly half (51 percent) of Americans said they trust Trump to be honest with the people of the country, compared with 42 percent who trust him to be honest with the national political media.

Not a good day to be a part of the major media.

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