Poll: Most Americans Think ‘Russian Hackers’ Had NO Effect on Election

The media is still in meltdown mode over Hillary’s loss. That seems to be the only explanation for their overreaction to conservative news outlets and websites.

They’ll blame anything and everything, except Hillary Clinton herself and the media which tried desperately – and failed miserably – to sell her to the American people.

If she had won, there would be absolutely no such thing as “fake news.”

The idea that hackers were behind a “sophisticated Russian propaganda campaign” to spread misinformation to sway the election in Trump’s favor is, as Trump noted, “just another excuse” to explain away Hillary’s devastating loss.

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According to a recent poll published by Fox News, a majority of respondents – 59 percent – said that Russia’s supposed involvement in our election had “no real effect” on the results.


And before you say these people must be Trump supporters, they weren’t. Most respondents said they had an unfavorable opinion of Trump.


And most didn’t think Trump was actually going to follow through with some his big campaign promises – such as building the U.S.-Mexico border wall.


Also, most of the same people said they “have confidence” in the CIA – the agency pushing the theory that Russian hackers got Trump elected.


And yet, even these people aren’t buying the narrative being fed them by the media and political establishments. That’s not good news for the “real news” organizations.

The thing is, this is the very nature of politics. Mud-slinging and negative advertising, without regard to veracity. Even if it were true that there was this “sophisticated Russian propaganda campaign” to spread misinformation in order to sway the election in Trump’s favor, that’s no different from how political campaigns are run anyway.

In fact, hearsay, quotes ripped out of context – or even just flat out lies – coupled with degrading (and possibly edited) images of the opponent, menacing narrator voices, attention-grabbing (“click-baity”) scripts, and overly dramatic background music is what usually ends up in candidates’ negative ads towards one another. All the hallmarks of what the media and political establishment call “fake news.”

If the major media organizations including Facebook really want to crack down on “fake news,” they should ban all political advertising. It’s way worse than actual “fake news.”

Even if something is completely false in the political ads, it doesn’t matter. It will still have an effect on viewers. It will still taint their opinion of the candidate. That’s what everyone hates about politics. The lies. The grandstanding.

And yet, that’s really all they’re complaining about with regard to fake news, which they’re claiming is sourced with Russian hackers.

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