POLL: Most Americans and Even Most Hispanics Want Dangerous ‘Migrant Caravans’ Stopped

A new poll emerged showing that Donald Trump in on the right side of public opinion concerning his position of to stopping the so-called “migrant caravans.”

Just ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, a new poll emerged showing that Donald Trump in on the right side of public opinion concerning his position of wanting to stop the so-called “migrant caravans” headed to the U.S. border from Honduras and Guatemala.

The latest poll by Zogby Analytics finds that 51 percent of Hispanics back President Trump’s policy of preventing the migrant invaders from entering the U.S.A.

According to the Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard:

Overall, 57 percent of likely voters agree with the Pentagon deployment, and the support is largest among the base of Republicans and older Americans that President Trump is rallying in his effort as he storms the nation to help the party retain control of the House and Senate elections in Tuesday’s congressional midterms.

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Said the analysis, “51 percent of Hispanic respondents agree with the deployment of troops to the border to halt the migrant caravan; slightly less than half (49 percent) disagree. Also, 30 percent of Hispanics strongly agree compared to 28 percent who strongly disagree.”

This is pretty interesting news. Even immigrants or people of immigrant backgrounds feel that these several invading armies are bad and should be stopped.

Some of the other findings of the poll:

  • Support for the military deployment to the border was pretty widespread demographically. Majorities of voters in the east, south, and central regions (56-62 percent agree/38-44 percent disagree) supported the deployment of troops.
  • The only region where there was a majority who disagreed was in the West (51 percent disagree/49 percent agree).
  • Majorities of likely voters in large cities (55 percent agreed/46 percent disagreed), small cities (67 percent disagree/34 percent agree), suburbs (56 percent disagree/44 percent agree), and rural communities (57 percent disagree/44 percent agree).
  • Democrats were most likely to disagree (69 percent), but 31 percent of Democrats did agree with sending troops to the U.S. – Mexico border. Republicans overwhelmingly support (91 percent) sending the military to the border. Independents were also in support of sending the military (53 percent), while 47 percent disagreed.
  • Men were much more supportive–43 percent strongly agreed, and 66 percent agreed overall (strongly and somewhat agree combined). Women were split 50/50 on the deployment of troops.
    Millennials age 18-29 were more likely to disagree with military deployment—57 percent disagree/43 percent agree. Older voters age 65+ were most likely to strongly agree (51 percent) and 69 percent agree overall, while 31 percent disagree.

So, it looks like Donald Trump is on the right side of this issue for the most part.

In the coming weeks, as pollsters begin parsing the results of last night’s elections, we will see if that issue helped Trump’s candidates at the polls.

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