Poll: Majority Don’t Fear Russians Trying to Change Election Results…They Fear the NEWS MEDIA

A recent poll conducted by Suffolk University and USA Today found – among many other things – that a majority of people do not fear the Russians trying to sway the election, but rather the news media. 

The poll was conducted between October 20 and 24, back when Hillary held a substantial national lead.

So while the poll showed a relatively outdated disliking of Trump, respondents generally held that they didn’t buy into the Russia-Trump conspiracy. Only 10 percent were concerned about “foreign interests such as Russian hackers,” when asked what they thought the primary threat was that might change the election results.

Nearly 9 percent said they feared “local political bosses,” and a little over 20 percent responded that the “national political establishment” might try to alter the election results.

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Forty-five percent of survey participants said that what they feared could sway the election was the “news media.”

There’s never been any evidence offered by U.S. intelligence that shows any secretive connection between Donald Trump and Russia, or Trump and Vladimir Putin. Neither has there been any evidence put forth that proves collusion between Julian Assange/WikiLeaks and Russia/Putin.

Ironically, the ties between Hillary Clinton, her campaign chairman John Podesta, and Russia – even specifically Vladimir Putin – are matters of public record. As Peter Schweizer explained:

“You’ve got this uranium deal, in which Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State signed off and approved the sale of a Canadian company to the Russian government — Rosatom, the State Atomic Energy Corporation — that was allowed to purchase a company called Uranium One. Hillary Clinton approved that deal as Secretary of State. But the small Canadian company, Uranium One, that was sold, was owned by shareholders who are huge contributors to the Clinton Foundation. In fact, Matt, $145 million went to the Clinton Foundation from nine shareholders in Uranium One.”

In addition:

Schweizer explained how the Wikileaks emails reveal how Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta secured “75,000 common shares” from his membership on the executive board of an energy company, Joule Unlimited, which received $35 million from a Putin-connected Russian government fund.

“You literally have the campaign chairman of the Clinton campaign business partners, directly, with Vladimir Putin,” Schweizer said. “When it comes to Russian ties and Russian financial ties, you have to begin with the Clintons.”

I think they call this projection. 

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