Poll: Americans Suddenly Support Judge Kavanaugh When Told No Witness Backs Up Accusers’ Story

A new poll shows that the media has failed America with its reporting of the fake accusations against Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

A new poll is making the rounds that shows that the media has failed America with its reporting of the many fake accusations against President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh because when people are informed ahead of poll questions that not one single named witness backs up the accuser’s story, the opinions of those polled changes dramatically.

All informed conservatives, of course, know full well that every single person that Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford has named in her statements have come forward and said they find her claims to be lies. But the media never reports this singular fact.

Now, there have been several recent polls over the last week or so that find Brett Kavanaugh to have fallen into disfavor. But one new poll has taken the time to tell respondents ahead of time that not one named witness backs up Ford’s claims. And that poll finds that respondents are dramatically more in favor of Kavanaugh than other polls where respondents are not told of Ford’s witness problem.

According to the Harvard CAPS/Harris survey, when people were told of the witness problem, things shifted in favor of the judge.

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Per Daily Wire:

The Harvard CAPS/Harris survey also found that when people are told that the three named witnesses do not corroborate the accusations of Christine Blasey Ford, opinion shifts decisively in Kavanaugh’s favor.

As The Daily Wire reported Monday, polls by YouGov and Reuters/Ipsos found that people largely believe what benefits their affiliated party: More than two-thirds of Democrats believe the sexual allegations against Kavanaugh, while rough, the same percentage of Republicans do not. Overall, YouGov found that 41% believe Ford and 35% believe Kavanaugh; Reuters found that 42% believe Ford and 31% believe Kavanaugh.

Harris Poll chair Mark Penn, a former Bill Clinton pollster, reported Sunday that the Harris Poll study found that 40% who saw or read parts of the testimonies last Thursday felt that Ford alone seemed credible, while 23% said Kavanaugh alone seemed credible. A total of 27% said that both seemed believable; thus 67% total felt that Ford was credible, while 50% total felt Kavanaugh was credible.

Where the Harris Poll’s study gets really interesting is in its findings on the impact of the FBI investigation and on the issue of corroboration. “[T]he credibility of their testimony does not appear to be the decisive factor,” writes Penn. “Rather, the question comes down to corroboration as the standard for tipping public opinion on whether Kavanaugh should ascend to the high court.”

When respondents were told that the three named witnesses do not corroborate Ford’s claims, 57% said they are in favor of his confirmation. If the FBI finds no corroboration for Ford’s claims, 60% say Kavanaugh should be confirmed.

But, the thing is, this result proves that when people were told about the witness problem, it was clearly new information for them. Because if it wasn’t the polls would not have been such a sudden shift.

This means that people are NOT hearing the truth from the old media complex. And that means that the left-wing media is once again only reporting things that help push the Democrat narrative that “Dr.” Ford is an aggrieved victim… instead of the whackjob liar that she actually is.

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