Poll: 60% of Small Business Owners Want Obamacare Repealed

While Democrats paint a rosy picture of Obamacare and quite the apocalyptic one of the prospect of repealing the law, the reality seems to be that among those who try to make a living with their own businesses, most of them don’t like Obamacare.

As president, Barack Obama referred to small businesses as the ‘backbone of our economy.’ Obamacare has done much to break the economic backbone by enforcing regulations and implementing taxes to the point that many small businesses buckle under the pressure and are forced to cut payroll, lay off workers, or just shut down.

Back in February, a survey was taken among 700 business owners, and 60 percent of them wanted Obamacare repealed. The number one reason was skyrocketing insurance premiums, resulting largely from insurers leaving the market. CNBC reported:

It is a trend affecting business owners in all states. Ross Coulter, 49, and his wife, who run a two-person public relations firm in Dallas, have been hunting for a new health insurance plan after Humana notified them it was discontinuing their current one. They had no immediate plans to slow their search after the House vote. They are looking for an affordable replacement by July 1 for the high-deductible plan, for which premiums are $900 a month for the couple and their three children.

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“The only plans that are comparable would be a $400- or $500-a-month increase,” says Coulter, who is now considering options like a Medi-Share plan, run by Christian Care Ministry, in conjunction with a cancer-coverage policy.

CNBC pointed out how many Americans are settling for high-deductible plans to help keep premiums down. The problem there is that the out-of-pocket expenses are too high for them to afford:

When Paula Muto, a vascular and general surgeon in Lawrence and North Hanover, Massachusetts, looked into unpaid bills in her solo private practice recently, she found that many were for patients who had high-deductible plans. “It was the people with insurance, that couldn’t pay the deductibles, that weren’t paying us,” she says.

What an absolute mess. Democrats are saying that the Republicans’ plan to replace Obamacare will kill people. Obamacare is already killing people.

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