Liberals Freak over Politicians’ Plan to Put Homeless Camps in their Neighborhoods

Why should homelessness problems be inflicted on taxpayers through homeless camps that are financed with their own money?

Homeless camps could only be a solution to homelessness if the homeless wanted to live in homes but were prevented from doing so. Sadly, that isn’t true. Many of the homeless don’t want to live in homes or they want other things (like drugs) that make it hard to stay in a home. As a result, area where the homeless are concentrated are beset with problems.

So politicians in Orange County want to “solve” the problem by bringing the homeless into certain neighborhoods!

The Los Angeles Times reports, “Some OC residents: We want to help the homeless — just don’t put them in our neighborhoods.

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One day after Orange County supervisors voted to spend more than $70 million to house the homeless, residents in three prosperous cities expressed alarm about a proposal to set up “camp” shelters in their communities.

Besides creating permanent housing, the officials’ plans call for possible camps in Irvine, Laguna Niguel and Huntington Beach on county-owned land. The Irvine City Council voted unanimously late Tuesday to sue the county to stop the proposal.

“How does this solve the problem?” Mayor Donald P. Wagner said during a special meeting he organized to respond to the county.

The county’s idea caused some residents to express anger, suggest other locations for the shelters — and to take digs at their much larger neighbor to the north: Los Angeles.

“This freaks me out. I moved to O.C. because I thought it would be a safe place. Now it’s getting more and more like L.A.,” said Rob Howard, an office manager in Irvine. “Who wants tons of traffic, high prices and all kinds of unwanted people around you?”

Ann Huang, a computer programmer in Laguna Niguel, said: “When we think of a homeless crisis, we think of an urban environment that’s overcrowded and full of noise and chaos. You don’t think of it happening in a place like O.C.”

Huang added: “I understand that we should be sensitive to needy people. But definitely, I’m going to fight any kind of facility that’s close to our towns and kids.”

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