Politician Proposes Hunt Koreans Bill for Philadelphia

Cindy Bass’s Stop & Go bill would declare open season to hunt Koreans by forcing them to remove bulletproof glass barriers in their businesses.

In her defense, it seems that city councilwoman Bass doesn’t want to hunt Koreans but to repel businesses that she thinks blight the area. I disagree with that philosophy of government, but it is common.

Removing the bulletproof glass to achieve that goal is literally overkill!

Fox 29 in Philadelphia reports, “Controversial bill would force business owners to take down bulletproof glass.

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She wants to put some controls on these small stores that she says sell booze, very little food and are the source of trouble in her district.

Rich Kim resents the charge stores like his attract loiters and argues calls to police are often met with a slow response.

Mike Choe runs a non-profit supporting Korean-owned businesses. […]

“I do think it’s a bad bill that will endanger Korean Americans,’ he said.


Kim argues as a Korean-American he’s being targeted.

“This bill targets Korean Americans,” Cole asked. Bass responded, “Absolutely not. I find that offensive.”

I’m sorry for Bass’s feelings, but they do not constitute as argument. If her bill passes the result will likely be Korean American corpse.

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