Politichicks Exclusive Interview with Conservative Comedian Evan Sayet

Our Friend Evan Sayet is going on Tour and so he’s currently making the rounds to drum up some publicity for his tour. He recently sat down with the ladies at Politichicks to talk politics, comedy and culture.


The moment you turn on the network/cable news or talk radio the frustration with politics and those involved, will often times cause many to lose heart about the state of our nation. It sometimes seems the longer you listen to the ineptness of politicians and gain a better understanding of the decline of a moral fiber in America, an individual could almost begin to believe there is nothing funny or hopeful left for our country.

Thankfully, there are political comedians like Evan Sayet! Evan is “the nation’s leading conservative, political comedian”, as well as a highly sought after Master of Ceremony for conservative and Republican events. He is the author of The KinderGarden of Eden: How the Modern Liberal Thinks. Even more exciting, Evan is currently on tour, bringing his political comedy to nightclub audiences around the nation.

Evan recently took some time to share with PolitiChicks about his current comedy tour and some of his thoughts on political humor and the interesting optics it brings to Americans.

PolitiChicks (PC):  As a follower of politics and social issues, do you believe it is difficult for citizens to find humor and light in the chaos of what is happening in America and around the world today?

Evan Sayet:  Not at all.  Making a joke about something doesn’t make that something a joke.  It can — and that can sometimes be its purpose — but, when it comes to political satire, if it’s for the right cause, it can show how SERIOUSLY RIDICULOUS the current trends, beliefs or people in power.  There is nothing about what Barack Obama is doing to America that is funny, but what is “funny” in it ridiculousness, is how many people buy into the line of “reasoning” he sells to justify it.

PC:  You have made political satire your vocation by answering the call of performing political humor and doing comedy shows around the country.  Your current schedule of shows have you in Phoenix (May 27), Chicago (June 3), Boston (June 10) and New York (June 14).

Evan Sayet:  Satire, comedy and wit have always been one of the means to speak truth to power.   This is true in no small part because, when you point out the ridiculous, the first thing the other side has to do is admit there’s some legitimacy to the points you’re making.  The ONLY other option — which is why the Left plays this and only this at EVERY turn —  is to declare your MOTIVES evil (“racism,”  “war on women,” “you HATE good health” and “you HATE clean  air”) which, in turn, is  even more ridiculous than even their earlier arguments.  So ridiculing Liberals is difficult because it, in its actuality is ridiculous.


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