Political Dissident Tortured by UK [VIDEO]

The United Kingdom is a third world regime that had a political dissident tortured!

Tommy Robinson was arrested, sentenced, and imprisoned on the same day for reporting on a trial. He is now out. In his interview with Tucker Carlson he makes clear that what the government did to him was every bit as much the banana republic arrest that it seemed at the time. Worse, his treatment in prison was deliberately horrible. Robinson was a political dissident tortured by an evil government.

Real Clear Politics posted the transcript with their news story: “Tommy Robinson: I Was “Purposely” Put In Prison With Largest Muslim Population In UK, “Guantanamo Bay” Conditionns.” Here are some of Robinson’s remarks.

I was taken to a prison with a low Muslim population of 7 percent where things were relatively normal. I was separated from other prisoners. But the prison officers made sure they opened my doors multiple times during the day and they took me out to play pool and snooker with themselves.

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I was then taken from that prison and transferred to another prison. And I was transferred to the prison with the largest Muslim population in the UK for a C cat prison. I was then put on solitary confinement where I spent two months not seeing or speaking to anybody.


I was purposely taken to be put in danger, so that then that reason can be used to then put me on solitary confinement.

And if you think about what has happened in this case, it took a number of hours to take me for a court, prosecute me, unlawfully imprison me. And then it took two months with the prisons moving me to prevent my legal access, shortening my legal visits, and it took months before I got the opportunity to go before a judge.

Once a judge heard what happened in the trial, we found so many illegal and wrongdoings within this kangaroo court that then it took another two weeks before I was freed.

And to be honest, this whole encounter, if you talk about – I haven’t eaten. I have lost nearly 40 pounds in prison.


So, my prison cell that I was put in was on the lower level, the ground level, which it didn’t have to be. So, it was on the ground level.

So, every prisoner would walk past my cell window. Everyone, as they walk out. So, when my windows were open, every prisoner is walking past. But the mosque for the prison was directly opposite my cell.


And I have excrement and spit thrown through the doors – threw my window. So, in the end, I had completely blocked-up windows.

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