Police Toss Antifa Around, Make Arrests After They Harass & Threaten Conservative Group

Mayhem breaks out in Seattle thanks to Antifa.

Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer members, Bikers for Trump among others attended a Patriot rally in Seattle on Saturday, and as expected, masked Antifa thugs showed up ready to start trouble.

None of these goons would have the guts to confront anyone if they weren’t in a mob. Just how many of these terrorists still live with their Mommie & Daddy?



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The Proud Boys did not back down. At one point, one of the Proud Boys unmasked a cowardly Antifa thug and mocked him.

Seattle police eventually arrested several Antifa thugs.

Antifa and other leftist protesters began instigating after they followed a few Proud Boys into a restaurant in downtown Seattle called “Juno.”

The bartender explains to the Proud Boys and Antifa that everyone can stay in Juno so long as they remain civil. Seattle Police officers are also inside the restaurant to make sure things stay civil, reported, Mike Bivins.



Proud Boys left Juno and a little verbal back-and-forced followed after a Proud Boy yanked off the Antifa thug’s mask!

Notice the Antifa coward did NOTHING after he was unmasked and mocked.

Seattle police are starting to get involved (language warning)

All heck broke loose after a few dozen police officers on bikes rushed over to arrest several Antifa thugs.


Antifa thug arrested after a fight left a conservative activist bloodied.

The left always falsely accuses the Proud Boys of being racists when in reality they are patriotic American men from all walks of life.

Twitter recently banned all Proud Boys accounts including founder Gavin McInnes.

After the Twitter bans, McInnes told the Gateway Pundit that “the dumbasses on the left are saying we were banned ‘before Unite the Right rally.’ I clearly disavowed that. It’s not our bag.”

In fact, the day before his suspension McInnes tweeted, “it goes without saying the Proud Boys won’t have anything to do with this. We are a multiracial club that eschews the alt-right and everything they and #occupyWallStreet’s Jason Kessler stand for. He’s a DNC operative.”

Way too many of these so-called “adults” were spoiled as kids and never grew up. Only cowards wear masks and Antifa should have already been declared a domestic terrorist group and dealt with accordingly.

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