Police Surprise Motorists by Pulling Them Over and Giving them Gifts!

The citizens of Lowell, Michigan got a nice Christmas surprise recently when the local police department decided to try and brighten their day. The local Police Department partnered with UP TV to put smiles on the faces of Lowell residents.



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Lowell police officer Scot VanSolkema had the happy job of pulling motorists over as if preparing to give them a citation for illegal behavior. During the course of the stop he asked them about what they and their families wanted for Christmas – which is when the fun started. When the drivers would tell the officer what they were hoping to get for Christmas, his partners at a local store would grab the gift and run it out to him. At this point officer VanSolkema would give the drivers their present, bringing huge smiles and uplifted spirits to Lowell’s people!

Lori Hall of UP TV explained to the ChristianPost how it all came together. “This Christmas, we wanted to reach out to a great viral video agency and said we wanted to do something fun and uplifting for people but in a fun way.” Speaking about the current controversy surrounding the police in America, Hall explained that the timing had nothing to do with recent events, “It wasn’t on purpose. We actually came up with this idea before all of that happened. And we definitely considered it when everything popped up, but we wanted to show good police stories, and anytime we can surprise and delight people with what our men and women in uniform are doing, we will do it. There are still great things being done by our men and women in blue.”

What a great way to celebrate the Christmas season.

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