Police Racism or Black No-Go Zones in the U.S.?

Are black no-go zones growing in the U.S like Muslim no-go zones are growing in Europe?

Of course, I don’t think that black no-go zones, if there are such things, are the fault of all blacks. Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams, through their writings, set my mind in a Libertarian or Conservative direction when I was a young adult. And no one can forget the heroic African Americans who supported Donald Trump!

But I have to wonder if recent complaints about the Mercer Police—that they are racist—really shows that some are creating black no-go zones in the U.S. like the Muslim no-go zones in Europe.

A recent editorial pushed a “Black Lives Matter” perspective on what happened. Kit Myers wrote in the Merced Sun-Star, “Merced police responsible for creating the violence at Merced’s Hookah Lounge.

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The United States has a policing problem. We have watched video after viral video of police officers using excessive force, sometimes causing death.

Now we’ve seen something similar in Merced.

Media, including the Merced Sun-Star, have reported the scene early last Sunday morning was “chaotic” and that a Merced police officer was assaulted as officers looked for a suspected robber at Chandelier’s Hookah Lounge on Main Street. While the Merced police department has stated an investigation is ongoing, there is no context that would justify the level of force we saw used against unarmed young men and women.

Cellphone footage from a security guard shows portions of the encounter. Immediately, we see an officer with a large “anti-riot” gun pointed at patrons, screaming at them to back up. Another officer uses a baton to force patrons toward the exit. People, hands up, are leaving the room. In the background, we see an officer pushing a black man. The first officer – who was screaming and pointing his anti-riot gun – shoots the man being pushed backward, hitting him with a rubber projectile.

The editorial continues in the same tone. Read it all here.

First of all, notice that the first sentence introduces generalizations about police to encourage a negative interpretation of the motives and actions of local police. If “profiling” is so wrong, why is that allowed? How is that different than mentioning the prevalence of violent crime among young black men?

Secondly, the police were assaulted by bystanders when they entered the Lounge with a warrant to arrest a suspect. One was hospitalized! Only then did they call for backup. Meyers simple dismisses the story, saying that the police “created a narrative.” He doesn’t mention any specifics or refute them. He simply dismisses them as the lie of police who we all know to be racists anyway… even the black officers, apparently.

This video gives a good response:

So which is it? Are we seeing racist, abusive cops? Or are we seeing the rise of black no-go zones?

Read the entire editorial.

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