Police Protect Free Speech at “White Lives Matter” Rally

The news about the “White Lives Matter” event is that not many people showed up and the police kept the peace.

The White Lives Matter rally wasn’t well attended because, as everyone knows, there simply aren’t that many white nationalists around. They are not a social force that can alter elections or win influence. Indeed, early in the scheduled rally the media reported it was a ghost town.

But when people did show up, the police managed to keep them separate from the counter-demonstrators, and even got Antifa to behave.

The lesson here is that the police can prevent violence. When they fail to do so it is probably because someone in authority is ordering them to stand down.

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Breitbart reports, “Overwhelming Presence of Tennessee Law Enforcement Ensures Peaceful ‘White Lives Matter’ Rally in Murfreesboro.

The Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office, Murfreesboro Police Department, and the Tennessee State Police ensured a peaceful “White Lives Matter” rally held in this growing Nashville suburb on Saturday with an overwhelming presence that kept a white nationalist group and counter protesters completely separated.

Several hundred law enforcement officers conducted a well-planned textbook case study in crowd control that will likely become a model for law enforcement agencies throughout the country dealing with rallies scheduled by extremist groups who face widespread opposition to their views, from the general public as well as from other extremist groups.

Tennessee law enforcement officers followed the basic principles of “Crowd Control 101” by keeping the competing groups separated through the use of an overwhelming police presence that communicated the rules of assembly and enforced them vigorously, fence barriers, well planned security control and containment, helicopters, drones, and officers on horseback.


The Tennessee law enforcement handling of the event was in stark contrast to the way the Charlottesville, Virginia Police Department and Virginia State Police forced the competing white nationalist and far left/Antifa counter-protesters into direct contact in the August 12 rally in Charlottesville.

The cancellation of that event by Charlottesville authorities on “unlawful assembly grounds,” combined with law enforcement’s failure to keep the two groups separated, led to hours of violence that ended in the death of 32-year-old Heather Heyer.

Read the full Breitbart story.

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