Police Officer Stops Man Assaulting Woman, Locals Attack Him!

It’s a stunning scene. At first, it’s hard to understand what is actually happening in the grainy cell phone video. Then, it’s difficult to believe what you’re observing. Finally, it’s enraging to realize that a police officer who is attempting to protect a woman from being assaulted by a criminal thug might actually be attacked by other passersby.

Sadly, that’s exactly what was recently captured by an amateur videographer, with a cell phone, in Nashville, Tennessee.

Officer Matthew Cammarn noticed 22-year old Brian Shannon attacking a woman near a housing development in Nashville. The officer confronted Shannon and tried to take him into custody, but Shannon was not in a cooperative mood and instead he reacted by attacking the officer. The two men fell to the ground, wrestling around as each one sought to gain the upper hand in the conflict. It’s about this time that several bystanders can be seen moving into the picture and attacking the police officer in an attempt to help Shannon evade arrest. At least two different thugs kick the officer, while another grabs him and attempts to pull him away, others begin to descend, but fortunately it’s at this time that a second officer intervenes and the crowd seems to pull back.

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Nashville police Chief Steve Anderson was angry and unflinchingly clear as he denounced the violent actions of the local criminal element.

“I want to be clear that Officer Josh Hausman on Monday night and Officer Matthew Cammarn last night had come to that neighborhood to protect citizens from harm and were themselves attacked,” Nashville police Chief Steve Anderson said, referencing James Cayce’s crime-laden community on South Seventh Street. “Attacks on police officers are absolutely unacceptable and will not be tolerated by this city. Thankfully, Officers Hausman and Cammarn are going to be OK.”

This kind of behavior is becoming commonplace in Obama’s America, and we as a people must demand an end to it all. Our officers may not be perfect, but can you imagine the depravity that might ensue in that housing block if local law enforcement chose to stop policing there? The woman that Officer Cammarn saved from violence would have had no one to defend her. How many other families or innocent citizens would also go undefended? The only way to stop such hooliganish behavior is for local communities to demand more of their fellow citizens. We must all demand more.

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