Police: Michigan Kids Faked Report that Racist White Man Urinated on Black Child

Police in Grand Rapids have now reported that a group of children lied when they said that a racist white man urinated on a black child.

Police had arrested a 60-year-old man and were prepared to throw so-called “hate crime” charges against him, but have now dropped the charges and released the man after the children admitted to the hoax.

According to MLive’s John Tunison:

Police said several children, all 7 or younger, were playing together sometime before 6 p.m. Wednesday when one of the children urinated on the 5-year-old girl.

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Kent County prosecutors said the parents of the children, in talking with them, ultimately determined the children “concocted the story to avoid trouble.”

“We appreciate the conscientiousness of the parents in bringing the matter to the attention of the police, and continuing to ask their children questions as new evidence was obtained,” prosecutors said.

Prosecutors said the 60–year-old man had a “verifiable alibi” from other people who vouched for his whereabouts.

The allegations, when first reported late Wednesday, caused concern across the community and NAACP leaders on Friday said the incident should be considered both a hate crime and sex assault.

In the initial report, the children told police they were playing hide-and-go-seek along Courtney Street NW, just west of Tamarack Avenue, when a man urinated on the girl through a chain-link fence.

The man arrested lives in the area and goes about the neighborhood doing odd jobs for other residents.

Kent County prosecutor Chris Becker reminded the community of the importance of waiting for all the facts before getting all ginned up in outraged: “But this is a prime example of why it’s so important to wait until all the evidence has been gathered and the criminal investigation has been completed before jumping to any conclusions.”

Indeed, he said this because the ACLU tried to stir “hate crime” accusations against an innocent man before they knew ANY of the facts in the case. Sadly, that is their modus operandi.

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