Police Chiefs Group Thanks Donald Trump for His ‘Unwavering’ Support

Police Chiefs across the country have come together to thank President Donald Trump for his enthusiastic support of law enforcement.

Police Chiefs across the country have come together to thank President Donald Trump for his enthusiastic support of law enforcement.

The hearty thanks was offered at the annual International Association of Chiefs of Police conference in Orlando, Florida, this week.

The president appeared at the meeting on Monday, according to the Boston Herald.

“I want to express my gratitude for what you do every day, protecting our communities, our families, our streets and taking down crime,” Trump told the crowd of nearly 3,000 top police officials yesterday. “What you do is keep America safe and no one does that better than you.

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“My administration always honors, cherishes and supports the men and women in blue,” Trump said.

Arlington, Massachusetts, police Chief Fred Ryan said the president’s support comes at a crucial time for law enforcement.

“Scrutiny that municipal law enforcement has been under in the last few years has caused challenges with hiring, recruitment and retention,” Ryan told the paper. “So any support from the corner office is helpful … and that is an easy answer, this administration has been unwavering in its support.”

Trump went on to promise that he would help police agencies find more federal funds.

“They say, Mr. President, we need more funds, and I say, for what? And they say law enforcement, and I say you got ’em,” Trump said Monday. “When law enforcement wants it, it is reasonable and law enforcement needs it. For you guys, anything you need me to do, I’ll do it.”

“I have been doing this since day one. It doesn’t always only protect the lives and safety of you, but it helps protect the lives and safety of everyone you serve,” the president added.

Trump also recently announced a plan to spend $42.4 million to target drug traffickers.

The president also announced the expenditure on Monday, according to US News:

The US Administration will allocate additional 42,4 million dollars for programs to combat drug trafficking, said on Monday the US President Donald trump.

“Today I announce $ 42,4 million dollars for programs to combat drug trafficking in the most affected areas to fight the epidemic,” said trump, speaking at the Congress of the International Association of chiefs of police in Orlando (FL). Local TV channels aired his speech live.

He said that the funds will be used to Finance more than 50 innovative programs to combat drug trafficking.

Trump has always been on the side of law enforcement.

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