Poison: You Will Fall Over Laughing When You Hear How Accused Sex-Perv Kevin Spacey’s Movie Bombed on Opening Day

Accused sex-abuser and one-time Hollywood star Kevin Spacey used to be box office gold. Then came the release of his latest film, The Billionaire Boys Club.

Now, of course we are used to stories about the millions or even hundreds of thousands of dollars movies typically make on their opening day, granted. But to show how far Spacey has fallen from box office gold to movie poison, you just have to check out how much his newest flick made on opening day.

This is the first film debuting after the nation became fully away of the decades of charges of sexual abuse that Spacey has been hit with by multiple men in Hollywood.

So how much did the film make? Was it a million? Maybe a hundred grand? Ha, he wishes it was that much.

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Check out Breitbart’s report. You won’t believe your eyes.

Disgraced actor Kevin Spacey’s latest film, Billionaire Boys Club, earned a shockingly low $126 on its opening day, Friday.
That is not one hundred twenty-six thousand. It’s one hundred twenty-six dollars for the entire day. The poor box office haul is quite a fall for Spacey’s recent career. Indeed, the film went straight to VOD last month anticipating a tough sell after the actor’s recent notorious personal problems with accusations of sexual harassment and assault.
But the low numbers shocked even those who expected the film to do poorly. As The Hollywood Reporter noted:

Put another way, that’s a per-location average of $12.60, which doesn’t even equal two tickets if going by the current average ticket price of $9.27. For the full weekend, Billionaire Boys Club could have trouble hitting $1,000 — by far the worst showing of a film starring Spacey. Titles that debut first on VOD aren’t generally big draws at the box office, but Billionaire Boys Club is faring particularly poorly.

Oh, Lordy!

One hundred twenty-six bucks?

You could earn more in a day working at McDonald’s — which may be the only job Spacey could get right now.

It’s so bad you almost have to feel sorry for his co-stars in the film. You can bet actors Emma Roberts, Jeremy Irvine, Cary Elwes, Judd Nelson and Billie Lourd never thought they would be in such a HUGE bomb!

It is a huge fall from his former glory. Take Spacey’s big hit film from just last year, Baby Driver. That film made $20.5 million on opening day. And, in 2011, Horrible Bosses made over $28 million.

So, Spacey went from a bankable star who could bring over $20 million on opening day to a schlub who could only earn $126 buckaroos!

I’ll bet the concessions stands made more than the film!

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