Planned Parenthood Sues Pro-Life Group but Doesn’t Want the Court to see the Videos!

The man behind the Planned Parenthood videos is now in a legal tussle with a judge whose ruling will keep the evidence hidden from the Supreme Court.

David Daleiden, the man who helped create the series of Planned Parenthood videos showing the organization accepted money for fetal body parts, filed a motion Friday to allow him to submit his evidence to the Supreme Court in a major abortion regulation case.

Currently, Judge William H. Orrick, III has a restraining order on Daleiden’s videos, preventing him from sharing any more of the abortion videos he has taken or sending his videos to anyone. The National Abortion Federation requested the restraining order. This includes submitting the videos to the Supreme Court, but in the motion Daleiden, along with the Christian legal group the Thomas More Society, is asking for an exception.

“Lifting the TRO to allow these limited materials to be included in and discussed in the CMP Amicus Brief will not endanger or violate the privacy of any NAF members or attendees,” the motion reads.

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The evidence would go to the Supreme Court in Whole Woman’s Health v. Cole, a case questioning the Constitutionality of a series of Texas regulations against abortion clinics. If Daleiden provided the evidence without Orrick’s approval, he could be held in contempt of court and jailed.

A similar incident arose in October when a Congressional committee investigating Planned Parenthood requested Daleiden’s material. Daleiden was fearful that releasing the videos to the committee would be violating the judge’s orders and putting him in legal jeopardy.

“The National Abortion Federation has gone to extraordinary lengths to keep David Daleiden’s footage of its annual meetings out of the hands of law enforcement and the Congress,” Peter Breen, an attorney with the Thomas More Society which represents CMP, told The Daily Caller News Foundation in October.

Planned Parenthood filed suit earlier this month against Daleiden’s group, the Center For Medial Progress, alleging that he violated federal law and laws in multiple states, including trespassing and secretly recording.



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