Planned Parenthood in Kentucky Illegally Aborting Children – Governor Bevin Responds Swiftly and Loudly


Just last week news broke that a Planned Parenthood facility in Louisville, Kentucky had begun performing abortions without a license in conflict with Kentucky’s laws. This revelation startled and upset the Bluegrass state’s new Governor, Matt Bevin (R-KY), who acted decisively in bringing the government’s law enforcement arm crashing down on Planned Parenthood. In comments to Kentucky’s WDRB TV Bevin said that the government would respond to PP’s brazen disregard to the law firmly and swiftly.

I’ve always been a very strongly unapologetic pro-life individual. To that end, that has not changed. What I tell you is interesting, and this is just breaking news even today, is that Planned Parenthood is illegally performing abortions in Kentucky…

We are going to bring the absolute, full legal authority of the Commonwealth down on them, the likes of which they have not seen…

They are brazenly, knowingly disregarding the law. They are operating without a license and that will not be tolerated… There is no room in Kentucky for this kind of blatant disregard for proper legal procedure.”

WDRB 41 Louisville News

A Planned Parenthood spokesperson did not confirm or deny that the facility had not yet received a license but only said that they had “applied for an abortion facility license and commenced services under the guidance of the Office of the Inspector General, the state office that is responsible for licensing health facilities.” However, as the Governor points out, application for a license is not the same as being licensed. Moreover, as LifeNews points out, the group apparently tried to hide that it was already performing abortions.

Planned Parenthood spokesperson Maureen Manier told Business First the group opted to not publicize that it was doing abortions yet, but her excuse was that the facility wants to avoid putting patients and staff at risk.

At this point, is anyone really surprised when Planned Parenthood is caught acting immorally and illegally? I sure hope not. Planned Parenthood is an evil and immoral organization that is destroying the very fabric of our culture and has convinced its liberal supporters to help them shove Western Civilization off the precipice of History into a canyon of oblivion.

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