Planned Parenthood and the 3% Abortion Myth

The folks at Planned Parenthood and the organization’s apologists are sending out the narrative that abortions only make up 3% of its total services but are not telling us what percentage that number represents. So why make such a big deal about Planned Parenthood and abortion when this number is so low?

First, abortion kills an unborn baby. That’s a big deal. Never begin an argument about abortion until this point is nailed down. It wouldn’t matter if Planned Parenthood only did .000003% convenience abortions. Killing is killing.

Second, money is taken from tax payers so Planned Parenthood can perform abortions, and abortions kill unborn babies. If there are so many abortion supporters out there, surely Planned Parenthood can raise the needed money from them. Hollywood support for Planned Parenthood is huge. It wouldn’t take much to raise the needed funds. Hillary Clinton ($100 million), Nancy Peolosi ($26 million), Dianne Feinstein ($43 to $99 million), John Kerry ($200 million), and Jane Harman ($435 million) are vocal supporters of Planned Parenthood. Combined they are worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Third, the 3% number doesn’t tell us how many abortions the number represents…
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