Piers Morgan: Trump ‘Britain First’ Retweet Equivalent to Wearing ‘KKK Hood in Oval Office’

President Donald Trump is always ruffling some feathers with the things he tweets, or retweets. Personally, I love seeing what he has to share and I have yet to feel like he posted something that he should not have.

However, many liberals (and even some Republicans) still slam the president. Now he is under fire for retweeting three videos of Muslims causing destruction, from a ‘Britain First’ Twitter page. The videos portrayed an Islamist mob pushing a teenage boy off a roof and then beating him to death, a Muslim destroying a statue of Virgin Mary, and a Muslim migrant beating up a Dutch boy on crutches.

These are quite mild clips of the destruction being caused by wild Muslim migrants .


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British journalist Piers Morgan blasted President Trump for sharing the videos because it “endorsed a blind, pathological hatred of all Muslims.” So sharing the truth is a form of hate?

Morgan said that Trump retweeting those posts was equivalent to wearing a “KKK hood in the Oval Office.”

“[T]he massive damage has now been done,” he said.

Independent Journal Review reports:

That morning, Trump retweeted videos from the deputy leader of Britain First, which Morgan described as “an anti-Islam, anti-immigration, fascist organisation.”

Morgan said the tweets, containing videos that allegedly showed Muslims either attacking people or smashing a statue of the Virgin Mary, were “specifically designed to whip up hatred towards Muslims.”

Morgan called Jayda Fransen, Britain First’s deputy leader, a “truly vile piece of work” and claimed she received a fine last year for harassing a Muslim woman.

“Mr. President, please do not underestimate the enormity of what you did today,” Morgan added, “You’re the most powerful person on earth, and your words carry huge weight, as do your retweets.”

I would think Morgan would be slightly more on board with the Britain First movement. There is nothing wrong with wanting your country to hold its identity.

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