Photographer Catches Heat Over Baby Posed as Ralphie of ‘A Christmas Story’ Because of Red Ryder BB Gun

An Indiana photographer has caught some heat from anti-gun nuts for posing a baby with a toy rifle seen next to the child.

An Indiana photographer has caught  heat from anti-gun nuts for posing a baby in a mockup of a scene from the beloved Christmas flick A Christmas Story because a toy rifle is seen next to the child.

The hilarious and all-too-cute photo features a baby in wide-rimmed glasses, dressed in a pink bunny outfit lying asleep on a couch with a Red Ryder BB gun tucked in his arms. Next to the slumbering tot is a leg lamp in a fishnet stocking just like in the hilarious 1950s send-up film.

The Facebook post of the photo, taken by Amy Haehl of Coffee Creek Studio in Shelbyville, Indiana, even had an amusing “disclaimer” saying, “the BB gun is made of wood to ensure that he did NOT shoot his eye out during the creation of this photo.”

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But gun haters and left-wingers went wild over the photo because it dared to show the gun in the child’s arms.

One hater wrote, “Will now unfollow you. Who the hell would take a picture of a baby and a gun just for money. Such a waste since you are so talented. Think hard about your lack of principles.”

There were many, many more just like it until the studio deleted all the anti-gun nuts attacking them.

Late last week the studio posted a statement to clarify the photo saying the image “is in no way meant to encourage gun violence or offend anyone who has been affected by gun violence. Other than a few negative comments which is to be expected, there has been an overwhelmingly positive response to this photo and loved by many.”

Haehl also noted that A Christmas Story is among “America’s most-loved holiday films” and her intention was to “put something positive and fun in everyone’s news-feeds in contrast to all of the negativity out there.”

The artist also pointed out that a baby Ralphie photo could not be complete without the Red Ryder BB gun.

“[O]f course this photo couldn’t be perfect without representing the Red Ryder BB gun. I searched and searched for one that would be small/newborn-sized and obviously not a real gun to avoid controversy. When I found this one made by Reuben Plaisance, I was so excited. Yes, it is a replica but still small enough to convey the idea but not look real,” she said.

Still, Haehl was happy that despite the haters, she had far more supporters: “Other than a few negative comments which is to be expected, there has been an overwhelmingly positive response to this photo and loved by many.”

Liberals. It’s why we can’t have nice things any more.

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