Philly Fraud: Hillary Picks up Votes in Philadelphia Recount

Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton’s campaign might just be on to something with this fraud claim. They just finished the recount in Philadelphia, and it appears Hillary’s narrowed the gap between herself and Trump. By five votes.

Pennsylvania uses fairly antiquated electronic voting machines. They were manufactured some time in the 80’s. The downside to them – as with most electronic voting systems – is that there’s no paper trail to verify whether votes were counted correctly.

The five votes that they found for Hillary didn’t have anything to do with the votes from the electronic voting machines. They were from absentee and early voting paper ballots that the scanner didn’t pick up for Hillary. Billy Penn reported:

The great Philadelphia recount has ended, and Hillary Clinton got five more votes than she had in her previous total. 

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Donald Trump’s number stayed the same, as did the totals for Independent candidate Gary Johnson and the Green Party’s Jill Stein after the City Commissioners Office recounted votes in 75 of Philadelphia’s more than 1600 voting divisions. The recount had been launched by 250-plus Philadelphia residents answering the call of Stein, who asked for three petitioners in each of Pennsylvania’s voting district to file recounts to assist in her attempts to get a statewide recount through a Commonwealth Court and then Federal Court lawsuit.


The five extra votes for Clinton, he said, came from paper provisional or absentee ballots that were undetected by the optical scanner that counted votes in the days following the election. Schmidt said this can happen when people don’t mark their choices clearly on paper ballots or, ridiculous as it sounds, use a green highlighter instead of a pen or pencil. 

“People do ridiculous things,” he said, “all the time.” 

The markings that went undetected by the optical scanner were picked up by the manual recount.

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