Philadelphia Squatters FINALLY Arrested!

But if the police aren’t able to move faster against Philadelphia squatters, the city is doomed.

The police say they arrested two Philadelphia squatters because an August TV news story gave them the evidence they needed. But why didn’t the police gather the evidence themselves? It seems much more likely that the police didn’t think it was worth the headache of dealing with the “civil rights” industry in Philadelphia designed to defend squatters against property owners until the news story shamed them into action.

One of the problems with police is that criminals are seen as voters by mayors and other city politicians who have authority over the police.

ABC Action News reports, “2nd alleged Philadelphia squatter surrenders; says ‘I feel bad.’

Investigators say our story from August gave them the proof they needed to bring charges against Catley and Diaz. Our report revealed how these illegal trespassers are stealing homes across the city.

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We spoke to Diaz after we found her living illegally in a Northeast Philadelphia home over the summer.

“It’s all over the place,” said Diaz. “They doing it everywhere you go.”

Diaz told us she drilled out the locks of a home she didn’t own.

“Yes, we changed the locks,” Diaz said.

The homeowner, Matthew Waychoff, said Diaz and the other squatters refused to leave his house unless he paid them cash.

“I’m not going to negotiate with a terrorist,” said Waychoff.

Waychoff, and other homeowners like the McGees, said they’ve been victimized by squatters.
“We feel like we are the criminals,” said Don McGee.

Searching for squatters or home stealers in Philadelphia on YouTube will show videos from ten years ago. Some videos are aimed at DEFENDING home stealing. Here’s one from four years ago that warns how difficult it is legally to get rid of squatters.

It seems the habits learned from more abandoned property are now being applied more often to homes that the owners want to live in, rent, or sell.

And, contrary to what anyone claims to save face, local law “enforcement” officials have known about this for a long time.

Read (and watch) the entire news story.

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