Pharmacist Stops Robber with Amazing Shooting

In the small town of Pinch, West Virginia today a local pharmacist is recovering after being forced to shoot a man who was attempting to rob the Good Family Pharmacy. According to eyewitness accounts, Pharmacist Don Radcliff first tried playful banter with the masked man who seemed to be obviously spoiling for trouble. Radcliff asked the masked man if he was there “to rob me,” even as the man approached the pharmacy counter.

In response to Radcliff’s question, the criminal pulled out a gun and aimed at the pharmacist.

Fortunately for everyone involved (besides the criminal himself), Radcliff was also armed and already moving to his firearm when the man raised his gun.

(Warning: The video shows the shooting as it happened, completely uncut. It is not for the faint of heart.)

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The pharmacist opened fire hitting the suspect in the chest, then actually shooting directly into the barrel of the other man’s gun, disabling his weapon. The third and final shot hit the robber in the abdomen.

It is Radcliff’s second shot that was the most fortunate of the encounter because witnesses say the man was trying to fire back, but his gun had been disabled by the pharmacist’s second bullet!

Radcliff and the other pharmacy employee who was there worked to save the man’s life once the shooting had stopped. Witnesses say Radcliff could be heard asking “Why did you make me do this?” even as he worked to stop the man’s wounds from bleeding. Sadly, the man later died from his wounds at the area hospital.

The Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department says that charges will not be filed against Mr. Radcliff for his part in the day’s events.

If every American were armed, we could avoid unnecessary deaths like these because criminals would know that their possible victims were armed and should be avoided. Hopefully, this will cause other area criminals to think twice before they commit a crime knowing that it could be the last thing they ever do.



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