Petition Drive To Repeal LGBT Bathroom Law Wins Big

Recently, a petition drive was started to overturn some new laws that the Houston City Council passed that made sexual distinctions irrelevant and even illegal.

The new laws are “being used by men to enter women’s restrooms on the grounds they consider themselves women.” The potential for abuse is enormous.


“The City Council’s approval prompted a mass exodus from the session of local black pastors who had come to speak against the ordinance.

“‘It was clear that enough council members had decided to vote with Annise Parker’s personal agenda over the clear will of the people and basic decency in this act of thumbing their nose at respected black clergy who represented all of us,’ he said.

“‘Our only way of showing that we understood what had happened and to respond effectively was to vote with our legs,’ he said.”

There has been support for these types of insane ordinances from President Obama. “The Obama administration is solidly behind the move to open locker room doors to some members of the opposite sex.

In order to overturn what the Houston City Council did, “at least 17,000 signatures by REGISTERED VOTERS IN THE CITY OF HOUSTON” had to have been collected by Friday, June 27, 2014. The number was far surpassed. More than 50,000 signatures were collected…

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