Peter Thiel: ‘Trump Will Win in 2020 if He Runs’

Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel spoke at an even on Thursday that was hosted by the Economic Club of New York. He was asked about his thoughts on President Trump being in office for a second term.

Without hesitation, Thiel responded confidently that IF Donald Trump runs for president again, he WILL win.


“I think that if he runs again, he will get re-elected,” Thiel continued, “He’ll make a judgment. And if he thinks he can get re-elected, he will run. And if he runs, I think he will win.”

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Fox News Insider reports: 

He said it’s likely that Democrats will do “quite well” in the 2018 midterm elections, but 2020 will be “much trickier.”

He explained that they key to the 2020 election is if Democrats have learned from Hillary Clinton’s loss in 2016.

He added that he sees a “vague parallel” between the way the Democrats have treated Trump and how  Republicans treated former President Barack Obama.

“There were issues that [Clinton] was not talking about, not relating to. I’m not yet sure that there will be that adjustment,” he said, “There’s a reason Obama got elected. There were some very real problems in this country. You had to talk about those problems.”

“It was a failure by the Republicans not to do that in 2012. And I think the Democrats are setting themselves up for an even bigger version of that failure,” Thiel added.

Thiel said that if Democrats continue to have disdain for the president, a “hate factory where it’s about hating Trump all the time,” it will inhibit them from engaging with the nation’s issues.

Watch the full event below. The discussion about 2020 begins at 46:35.

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