Peter Strzok Marched Out of FBI Building!

Weirdly, they’ve had Peter Strz marched out of the FBI building but there’s no word on him being officially fired.

On Friday, the FBI had Peter Strzok marched out of his office but no one was told until yesterday.

Weirdly, they’ve had Peter Strzok marched out of the FBI building but there’s no word on him being officially fired. What’s going on? His lawyer is getting a platform in the mainstream media to build a fantasy case for Strzok being a patriot. Of course, the attorney accuses Republicans of being… wait for it… biased.

The Daily Mail reports, “FBI lover Peter Strzok is escorted OUT of the agency but still in a job after his ‘Stop Trump’ message was revealed.

FBI agent Peter Strzok, who was revealed to have sent a text to his FBI lover saying he would ‘stop’ Trump, was marched out of the building Friday, following the release of an explosive Inspector General’s report.

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But Strzok is still on the job, CNN reported.

He has been placed in the Human Resources department, following an IG report that revealed him to have made the statement about stopping Trump to his FBI lover, Lisa Page.

‘[Trump’s] not ever going to become president, right? Right?!’ Page texted him.

‘No. No he won’t. We’ll stop it,’ Strzok wrote back.

Read the full Daily Mail story.

The Conservative Tree House points out that this news was kept quiet until yesterday and adds some speculation as to what is going on. Remember “OPR” stands for Office of Professional Responsibility.

According to the DOJ Office of the Inspector General a referral for conduct review was sent to the FBI Office of Professional Responsibility for several people outlined within the IG report. Presumably Peter Strzok was part of that OPR review process.


My guess/supposition would be that Strzok was a cooperating element during the IG investigation as it pertains to the Clinton-email probe (w/ perhaps immunity therein); however, Strzok was not a cooperating element in the current IG investigation of the Trump-Russia probe and FISA abuse.

In reality it could be likely that Peter Strzok is a target as an investigative outcome of the ongoing IG probe and the OPR referral.

Read the full post.

The release of news of Strzok being “walked out” of the FBI building was timed with a ludicrous op-ed by Strzok’s lawyer in USA Today. One thing the lawyer claims is that:

In October 2016 Pete was one of a handful of people at the FBI who knew the full scope and gravity of the Russia investigation. Significantly harming — even stopping — the Trump presidency could have been accomplished by leaking that information to the news media. Instead, Pete and others at the FBI went out of their way to prevent leaks and, in the weeks before the election, actively ensured that news reports didn’t overplay the seriousness of the investigation.

These aren’t the actions of a partisan conspirator, they are the actions of an American patriot.

Read the entire op-ed.

Except that Strzok thought Donald Trump was going to lose. With Hillary as President all his corruption would have been kept secret. They would have been able to frame members of Team Trump (including Trump and all his family) and bankrupt and/or imprison them. His mention of using his work as a possible “insurance policy” was a Plan B. Plan A was to give President Clinton the power to persecute the deplorables as Russian-colluding traiters.

Also, tipping his hand before the election would have revealed that Trump was right in how rigged the election was.

The “full scope” and “gravity” of the Russia investigation has not caught anything. Mueller is even afraid of going to court against the Russians he has indicted!

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