Perverse Hollywood IS Harvey Weinstein and Worse—Going Back a Long Time! [MUST WATCH]

Overloaded with abuse, sexual deviency, and political influence, the problems of perverse Hollywood go far beyond one man.

Harvey Weinstein is barely a taste of perverse Hollywood. The industry has lost its creativity because it is ruled by vice and has enough power to perpetuate itself even while it alienates much of its customer base (in this way, what is happening in the NFL is weirdly similar to the Weinstein scandal, despite the different issues). The reason why Weinstein wasn’t exposed earlier is because he didn’t really stand out. If he never sodomized a minor then he was probably morally superior to others these “shocked” and “courageous” posers know about.

This video is on point:

Now that perverse Hollywood has failed to cover up Weinstein’s sins, they hope to use Weinstein as a scapegoat to cover up their perversity.

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Yesterday, Glenn Reynolds wrote in USA Today:

Harvey Weinstein is a very large man, but he is not large enough to carry away all of Hollywood’s sins.  As John Podhoretz writes, “In how many industries is there a specific term for demanding sexual favors in exchange for employment? There’s a ‘casting couch’; there’s no ‘insurance-adjuster couch.’ In how many industries do people conduct meetings in hotel rooms at off hours anyway? And in how many industries could that meeting in a hotel room end up with the dominant player telling a young woman she should feel comfortable getting naked in front of him because the job for which she is applying will require her to get naked in front of millions?”


Weinstein seems to be an exceptionally unpleasant man, prone to bullying and abusing both men and women, in sexual and non-sexual ways. Even his sexual assaults seem more about humiliating his victims than about achieving straightforward sexual gratification. Weinstein’s actions seem more de Sade than Don Juan.

But they were facilitated by scores or hundreds of accomplices: assistants, producers, actors and actresses, talent agents — kept under his influence with development deals and options and the like. And they did this because while Weinstein might have been an exceptional jerk, his behavior wasn’t so unusual for the industry.

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