People on Welfare Need to be Drug Tested

If I have to take a drug test in order to work and receive my paycheck, then the people who receive welfare and food stamps need to be drug tested in order to receive their free money.

Don’t get me wrong here, I am all about helping someone who is in need. I think the elderly and our veterans absolutely deserve to have extra help if they need it. I also understand that some people fall on hard times and need a crutch to help them hobble through until they can stand on two feet again.

However, there are many able-bodied people who cheat the system and simply accept their free government assistance with two open hands. I say one of those hands should have a job application in it.

So here’s where my argument about drug testing welfare recipients comes in. If you are using drugs and not working (or perhaps you can’t get a job because you are on drugs) then you absolutely do not deserve a single red cent of help. Don’t say that it doesn’t happen because I have seen it with my own two eyes, time and time again.

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I came across a video of a man complaining about people on welfare needing to take a drug test. It is the most obnoxious, ridiculous thing I have seen all day. He honestly thinks it is a violation of a person’s rights to have to take the drug test.

The moment you start accepting money from the government is the moment you lose any kind of right to deny a drug test and still get the money. Refuse the drug test? That’s fine. You don’t get the money then. Sorry, not sorry.

Here is the video:

This guy is an absolute nitwit. I can almost guarantee that he probably voted for Hillary Clinton.

People receiving welfare absolutely need to be drug tested. It is not our job as taxpaying Americans to support drug addicts.

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