Pentagon: If Government Shuts Down, Troops Won’t be Paid

In light of Democrats pushing for amnesty, they are threatening a government shutdown…again.

According to Breitbart, the Pentagon has reported that troops will not receive their paychecks on Friday if Congress does not get the budget passed.

However, despite the fact that they will not receive their paychecks, they will be expected to show up for duty.

Breitbart reports: 

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Defense civilians will be furloughed, except for those who support activities “that are necessary for the safety of life and protection of property,” he said. They would also not receive pay until the passing of a budget.

Once a 2018 budget is passed, Sherwood said, troops will receive a pay raise, due to a 2.4 percent pay raise that went into effect on January 1, 2018.

This Friday would have been the first time troops would have received a paycheck reflecting that raise.

Friday is also the deadline for Congress to pass a 2018 government budget or a short-term spending measure known as a continuing resolution that would give the government more time to come up with a full-year budget.


Congress has been unable to reach a budget deal this fiscal year and has already passed three short-term CRs, with the latest ending on Friday.


House Armed Services Committee chairman Mac Thornberry  told reporters, “I am increasingly disturbed that support for our military is being tied to some other issue, some other agenda.”

“I am increasingly concerned, for example, on the DACA deal, that some people may not want to resolve the issue,” he continued, “They may rather have the issue out there because they think it’s to their political advantage. … They still say expressly they’re not going to vote for military funding until DACA is resolved, but they may not want to resolve DACA because they’re getting political benefit out of it.”

Trump called this on Tuesday morning though. He tweeted that the military would take the hardest hit in the event of a government shut down.

“The Democrats want to shut down the Government over Amnesty for all and Border Security. The biggest loser will be our rapidly rebuilding Military,” he tweeted, “at a time we need it more than ever. We need a merit based system of immigration, and we need it now! No more dangerous Lottery”

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